New Bikes And Waiting For Green Books How Long

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  1. went for a nice ride today on a borrowed 160bhp BMW1000 S supe rnaked a very nice bike as my ducati is awaiting battery ,,,, anyway ended up in the camel in Banchang and a load of other bikers were in for a sunday roast ,,

    discussion got around to red plates and green books and brand new bikes supplyed by franchised dealers not GREY imports seems a real mixed bag Ducati pattaya its about 4 months if the bike is a local made ducati and up to 10 months if its an italy made model even worse at ducati Thonglor the Italian models take average of 12 months for green book..Kawasaki yamaha suzuki and honda big bikes its about 2 months on local made models and 4-6 months for japan imports ,,,HD is usually quick less than 2 months , no one had a BMW so ? the one i had borrowed belongs the dealers and had a red plate Oh and Triumph were also relatively quick maximum 4 months on any model Thai or UK made ,,KTM ? Enfield ? others ?

    whats your experience ,, could be interesting but NOT GREY BIKES only NEW bikes from Main dealers
  2. I got my Vstrom ownership book in a few weeks in Chiang Mai, but that was 2 years ago.
  3. I got my book and plate within two months for my new Triumph 2 years ago. My Versys took about 8 weeks also but I was out of the country at the time so I didn't pick it up when it was ready (about 6 weeks). Both bikes new from the respective dealers. Relatively simple process if you have your documents in order in advance.
  4. talked with a chap today who was ranting in the Ducati dealer when i visited them about a battery he has been waiting 5 months for them to fix his 11 month old Diavel and it also has no plates or book
  5. Last week I got a new Triump Tiger XCX in BKK.
    I was told that paperwork for registration will be ready until end of june.
    Lets see, I will keep you updated
  6. I just bought a used but Honda dealer approved Honda from a New Honda dealer in Phuket, the green book took 4 weeks.
  7. I could have got green book and license plate at DLT Prachuap Khiri Khan today, however I decided for a special number which will need a few weeks.
  8. Finally I got licence plate and green book on monday september 03.

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