New bikes for rent in Banlung

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  1. Hovis

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    I'm moving up to Rattanakiri next week and bring some cool bikes with me. They are all for rent, if you think the PP-Banlung trip is boring and long ( it is ), you can fly and have a bike upon arrival.
    My bikes
    Suzuki 400 drz 05
    2 Honda XR 250 03
    Transalp 400
    2 more Hondas coming in Januari
    They are all like brand new and rent is $ 20-40 a day.
    I am building a place on the Yaklom road but my temporary housing is just outside Banlung on the Vietnam road, you can't miss it.It's called Nordic House.
    My Phone no 012 880 327
    All welcome
    Nisse Almroth

    Scandinavian riders Banlung
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  3. Rhodie

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    Good to hear that your new plans are coming together.
    If Nordic House is anything like the Scandi Hotel
    you created in Phnom Penh, I know it will be well worth the trip.
    I will drop by in the new year on my way down from Laos.
    Good luck.

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