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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by DavidFL, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Aha, anyone recognize this place & been there?




    Trip report coming, I Geoff?
  2. Geez, that didn't take long did it??? We need some more challenges in an attempt to confound the great minds of CNX.

    Ok how 'bout another?

    Any body recognize this crossing?


  3. Only from the VN side a few months before it opened to tourists...

    We got some serious frowns and hand waving for riding up to this border building, you can see it in the background of Geoff's third shot down.

    23rd Jan 2007

    New customs building or something?
  4. Big'n Tall - nope. How about this one...


  5. Looks a little like the new buildings at the Nam Meo crossing but then again, it all looks the same...
  6. Well, a wild guess but is it the Na Son to Huoi Puoc border crossing just a bit south of the Thachang to Tay Trang crossing?
  7. Yes it is Na Son Auke. Buy this man a beer, good job.

    We were trying to ride from Nong Khiew to Na Son to Thachang and come back into Nong Khiew for a nice off road loop. Sadly we could not find a route to connect Na Son to Thachang. Though I understand there is a road on the vietnam side that woud let you connect the two towns.

    Coming back Auke in a few days and shall be off to Laos to grab that Na Son track for you this time. Shame the GPS died on us at the time.

    With all the fog i beleive Mat Wards post pics were actually taken in Northern Scotland :) .
  8. Correct. That is indeed the border between Laos and Inverness.
  9. No need to guess this time as the picture is in one of Matt's posts on the Vietnam forum - Pahang on the Laos side and Moc Chau on the Vietnam side (local crossing only) which is a bit north of the Nam Meo - Nam Xoi International crossing

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