New Border (for visa runs) in Kanchanaburi.

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  1. Excellent to see that a new border crossing that is open to foreigners has been open a stone-throw away from Kanchanburi.

    For those on 1 year multi-entry visas that require a 90 day border run ever 90 days it is a good option. Instead of going from BKK-Poipet, you go to a place they call Sunaron.

    Map here.

    I rode there a few years ago, and it looked like this around 2011.

    Ride report


    Doubt there's a duty free just yet. :D But for doing border runs it looks like a great alternative to Poipet in Cambodia.

    Reports are that you pay 500-700b for the Burmese stamp. Depending on how fresh and gullible you are I suppose.
  2. The ride up is nice as soon as you hit Kan. The last 20km or so is really great, going through the mountains. Some great new wide asphalt roads which I presume were Chinese paid.

    Continuing up to the infamous Pilok would be a good 400km day's ride, then return to BKK the next day and it would have been a good 2 days of riding.

    Google Map
  3. That would certainly be a good option for you based on the Thonburi side of the river.

    Thanks for sharing..

  4. Is it really open allready? We´ve been there in january and it´s looked still like on your upper photo. It would be a great loop from Prachup Kiri Khan borderpoint through Mynamar and back to Thailand in Kanchanaburi.
  5. May pop down there in the new year and check out the status.

    Watch this space :)
  6. Singkhon border near Prachuap is not open for foreigners.
  7. Been there on January 3rd, 2014. Paid 700 baht to get my passport stamped. I was told foreigners are not yet allowed to enter Burma via this border pass, but they can stamp the passport. Ride there is pretty nice, I went there from Pran Buri using small country roads only.
  8. From the border you may follow these narrow roads another 25km and you will reach a huge rock formation, climb up and enjoy a beautiful view!
    And eremit (speaks english even) is living there. The place is called wat khao hin turn.
  9. Has anyone tried actually taking a bike into Myanmar beyond the border at Sunaron/Htee Khee? Would love to go and have an explore around that area.
  10. Just saw your message for some reason! Do you mean I could ride 25km more after the border crossing point? Sounds very interesting to visit, that wat and hermit!
  11. it is here: N11 47.710 E99 42.215



  12. Here are the GPS co-ordinates on GE for those not familiar with this area (Like me :)

    Attached files 299798=19420-Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.53.22 AM.jpg
  13. I thought the talk was about Kanchanaburi. The coordinates posted are in Prachuap Khiri Khan.
  14. I believe the coordinates for this crossing are: N 13.92140 E 99.06219
  15. What is that old saying.. A picture is worth a thousand words :)
    I was scratching my head as well at the time.. let that one through to the keeper.

    Here are the co-ordinates on Google Maps.

    Attached files 299880=19456-Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.31.09 PM.jpg
  16. It's expanding at a very decent rate and is going to be a big border crossing in the not so distant future. There's a duty free there now, but the minivan didn't stop and I didn't have a bag or topbox with me anyway.

    There are also minivans going into Burma and a minivan + hotel package of 3 days 3 nights in Dawei, 14k baht.

    Big highway being built all the way there, and the construction map there has a toll booth section. It's still really just a building site, looks like a border crossing they've opened up 3 years before completion.
  17. Great info there.. Thanks for sharing.

    If you ever have a border run on a weekend and want some company.
    Let me know.. Would like to check this out..

  18. Thanks. But we'll probably be waiting a while. :) The new Burmese chief there has pretty much closed it for foreigners.

    The Immigration Bureau in Kanchanaburi have today confirmed to that foreign nationals who wish to enter Myanmar at the Pu Nam Ron land crossing now need a valid visa obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok, prior to entering.

    Getting a Burmese visa first isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. For one thing, they mainly want to see an airplane ticked in and out... bit pointless having that and then doing a border hop instead. :)

    Hopefully he'll be out soon, he must be the most hated man in the region, the money they were making was unreal. 900 baht paid in cash for all services or they wouldn't stamp you out. 500b was for the Burmese side, leaving 400b for all involved.

    About 50 people a day = 20,000 baht p/d. 620,000 baht p/m that was going into people's pockets.

    Of course it was probably closer to 100 people a day and 1m baht a month.

    Perhaps he wasn't happy with his share and this is him renegotiating %'s :)
  19. good rumours that this is back open to people without Burmese Tourist Visas.

    In fact a Visa Run company in BKK is doing runs there every week or so. Visa Express from Suk 71.

    It's not clear if it is back open, or if they have some special deal in place.

    Anyone know?

    Info is appreciated as it is the best place to do a 90 day border run from BKK.
  20. Wait a few years. This is going to be a massive border point on the Asia Highway system. Linking Bangkok (and thus China by train, and Cambodia and Vietnam by road) with Dawei deepsea port and industrial projects.



    A good read on it by the BBC (3 yrs old)
  21. The border at Phu Nam Ron is open for people doing border hops again, people do not need a Burmese Visa from the embassy first, as was the case the last year.

    900b in cash on arrival will get you the border stamp and transport between the border posts.

    For people doing border hops from BKK it is probably the cheapest and quickest and easiest one from BKK.
  22. Khaup khun MAK kha. Thanks SO much "Leader of the Pack" for all your info on this border crossing.

    My question is: "Is it just for those that have a 90 day re-entry visa or can I cross with the 15 or 30 day visa stamped at the airport and/or border crossing (Poipet was my last) and come right back in to Thailand?"

    I noted on another website that there is no longer a restriction on the number of times one can do this at the border (i.e. no longer a "maximum 90 day stay within 6 months rule").

    KKMK / thanks in advance for a speedy reply as planning to go there in a week or so. Cheers & safe travels. SBW
  23. It's open for all people, regardless of what visa they have (or haven't).

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