New dark skin girlfriend, CFR250M

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  1. Hello from Chiang Mai, not really a new member, but a new owner of a Honda CRF250M black.

    First ride out on the Samoeng road and up over the wet dirt mountain path to Mae Wang district.

    This is a FUN bike on the paved mountain roads. After a short run up Doi Suthep to get used to the handling, I felt very confident with this bikes handling on the paved road, very predictable and consistent... and it doesn't do too bad in the dirt, although geared a little tall.

    Gas milage was great... quieter than my friends D-Tracker when going through the hill tribe villages. I might just keep the stock exhaust for now.

    Anyway, hoping to make a TON of rides on this around the northern part of Thailand.
    Hoping to hook up with other GT-Riders. I live here mostly year round, retirement visa with multiple entry and I have nothing but time and gas my own tire changes on the road and capable of basic repairs.

    Any upcoming rides?
  2. Greetings to you!
    I'll be moving to Chiang Mai in about 2 weeks,have a couple of rides planned with visitors from Australia,but after that I can ride any day all the missus lets me!

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