New Ducati Show Room in Khon Kean

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by Fatlad, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Been told that Ducati has a new showroom in Khon Kean, does anyone have the address or GPS cordinates, would like to have a ride over next week.

  2. I would be amazed if this is true, but am prepared to be amazed.
    Harley has a new showroom, cafe, workshop in Khon Kaen. On Main No 2 highway heading South nearly opposite Big C. I will make further enquires from local friends and see if Ducati has also opened.
  3. Sorry i got the Town wrong its in Udon Thani, heading in from Sakon past big C on the RHS, seem a lot of Thais from Mukdahan went there last weekend for the opening will get over this week and have a look and some pictures.
  4. Hi Friends,

    Great news, just post the coordinates.

    On an other hand, could someone confirm if there is a link between The BMW Barcelona BKK dealer and the Ducati Thonglor and maybe Triumph dealer ?

    I heard it was the same goup/owners or partners ????

    Could someone comment ?
  5. Dom from Britbikes Triumph was a Partner in Ducati and I am told He still is but to what extent I have No Idea?

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