New Dunlop Tyres!

Sep 19, 2006
This really only applies to Those in Chiang Mai!!!
I had the Rep's from Dunlop and Quick Tyres here today. I had Talked with one of their Company at the Bangkok Motorshow. Anyway they have left the Catalogue and Price List for their Motorcycle Tyres with Me.
So Anyone who wants New Dunlop Tyres feel Free to call in and look at the Catalogue. Unfortunately there are No Big Sports Bike Tyres but they have the Usual choice of Dirt Tyres which seem OK. I will Try a Set of these as they look Identical to My Set from Japan for 1/2 the Price!!! They also have Sticky Tubeless Tyres for You Guys with the Honda CBR150 as a Race Toy :wink: Small Bike Rims are available as well. They said if you Order larger amounts the Prices can come down as normal? I can help you Order at Cost or you can Chose from the catalogue and Contact by yourself. 8) Just Call in to the X-Centre anytime or you can contact me first to make sure i am around?
Feb 5, 2007
I'm on for some sticky race toy tyres and a set for the HD

See you today or on Sunday after the Toy Ride event