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  1. Wonder if the new FZ8 will be coming to Thailand? I heard rumours that it may be. Nothing solid yet but coming out next year.
    Yamaha has unveiled this first official picture of the new FZ8 middleweight naked – but nothing else.

    MCN said this.
    "There’s no information or pictures beyond this headlight shot – Yamaha UK wasn’t even aware of the picture’s release!

    It is believed the FZ8 will replace Yamaha’s current FZ6 models as a sporty middleweight naked, leaving the XJ6, XJ6 Diversion and the new-for-2010 XJ6 Diversion F to cater for the novice and all-rounder markets.

    It’s main rivals will be the BMW F800R, Honda Hornet 600, Triumph Street Triple R and the Aprilia Shiver 750.

    The engine is believed to be unique to the FZ8, but draws on the design of Yamaha’s current supersport engines, and tuned to suit the naked bike application.

    Little is known about the level of chassis equipment – expect mid-level componentry better than the basic XJ6 range, but not quite as high quality as the race-spec kit on the 2010 R6.

    MCN is working on the story now – we’ll keep you up to date as more information on the bike breaks.

    Expected to be lighter than the current FZ6 and have an aluminum chassis and more sophisticated suspension than its smaller sibling, anticipate digital instrumentation, a low-exiting exhaust and modern lights (utilizing the latest LEDs). The bike should be revealed by Yamaha shortly. Stay tuned.

    That's about all I have seen.
  2. Hmm.. Another mid / large naked to the market ??
  3. I have been told by 2 different Yamaha employees, one of them quite senior that this bike will come to Thailand, it may be as soon as March or April 2010 and the price is expected to be under 500K Baht.
  4. As far as I am aware there isn't too many mid/large naked officially imported Jap bikes available in Thailand?
    Thanks John, under 500K would be a good start and probably less than the FZ-6 which is 495,000.
  5. Here: ... -fz8-.html

    They say "arriving for sale in UE for the beginning of the next year (2010) in the same time as the Super Téneré"...
    And yes, they expect too that it will "replace" the actual FZ6 serie...

  6. As far as I am aware there isn't too many mid/large naked officially imported Jap bikes available in Thailand?
    Thanks John, under 500K would be a good start and probably less than the FZ-6 which is 495,000.
    No be we do have the Street triple 675 (and R), the FZ6 (maybe this replaces) the ER6..

    We do have some options, but quite wildly divergent price points. If this hits the market under 500k its very interesting. As will be if Kwaker do a z1000 at prices that mirror what they are doing with the rest of the range.

    My heart is really looking at the street or speed triples.. But my head and wallet are just winning the battle, for now.
  7. Sounds promising if they can release it at that price level with an 800 cc engine it will possibly replace both FZ-6 and FZ-1, both due to be shifted out for a long time.

    Suzie told me they will release the SV650 and Gladius in 2010, the SV650 is an awesome bike, the Gladius looks a bit weird with chrome and lots of old style stuff but has the same V twin as the SV650 and is naked.
  8. I did consider a Speed Triple but they were 153,000B more expensive than the FZ-1 at the time and wasn't too sure about build quality and reliability. Maybe Yamaha will make the FZ-8 like the FZ-1 and then have another model along the lines of the old TDM850?
    What is happening with Suzuki? I saw a price list a while back but never heard anymore? So you think the Gladius is a "bit weird"? I would say that is rather complimentary, it looks pig ugly in my opinion, but the SV650 is a good bike. Any prices?
  9. A 800cc Yam, even naked, under 500 KB?..


    I cross fingers, but... I have like a doubt.

    Just my feeling...
  10. Hi Captain and Gobs,
    Yes definately 800cc or 1 or 2 cc below, eg 998cc.
    The under 500k came from the salesman in CM, of course he will not be 100% accurate, but as far as I am aware the import duty on these big bikes is scheduled to drop by 10% a year for a few years. Yamaha sets their Thai prices once a year and last time the Yen was very strong, more than offset the duty decrease and so prices went up for 2009.
    Yamaha are hoping that the 2010 prices generally may be favourably affected by a slightly weaker Yen and the duty decrease.
    We should know very soon what the 2010 prices are.
  11. I'm asking myself if the FZ8 will be a parallel twin, or is it sure it'll be an inline four? A twin would explain the low price. An inline four would take buyers away from the FZ 1.
  12. Feeded from different sources, the french "MOTO REVUE" bikes magazine tries to imagine what could be this FZ8:


    Just a journalist's "photo-montage" right now...


    With courtesy of "Moto-Revue", of course!

  13. IMO price is everything.. 600k and I would look to triumph myself.. sub 500k is its market for good sales in my mind.

    I do think tho that 800cc is a really good size here.. More nimble and round town useable than a literbike, that bit more touring oomph than a 600.
  14. 500k is a killer price and they will have that market by themselves in that segment.

    From what I can see it's a naked 800cc inline four... I do think it will be a replacement for both FZ6 and FZ1, at that price I am pretty sure they will sell a good deal of them.

    Impressive as it might sound, Yamaha sold more bikes in 2009 than 2008 even tho with Kawasaki's aggressive pricing there sales went up.

    Suzie, well they have changed around on there website a bit with the big bikes, I checked out the Gixxer 750 which was on display on a motorshow in Rayong and they also had the weird Gladius there. Prices a TBA, so let's see.
    Looking at the Gladius it makes you wonder who designed it, and who is the potential buyers for it. Anyway luckily we are all different so guess someone loves the look of that thing as well.
  15. Well they will have to price it above the XJ6 and diversion models.. Do those sell in Thailand ??

    One thing I read was that Yammie were trying to price this on par with the FZ6 but anything you read now is pure speculation.
  16. Only FZ-6 available in Thailand for 495,000B, no XJ6 or Diversion. There is also an FZ-6R which I hadn't seen but looks good. ... 87966.html
    The Gladius has a low seat height so probably popular with women, can't see a bloke riding that fugly thing.
  17. LivinLos said: "anything you read now is pure speculation."

    I agree, but it's part of the fun... And surely it's what Yamaha is expecting!

  18. Thanks Tubber.

    German take or french take?.. At the end it wil be the "true Yam take", won't it be?..
    At least the front light is surely "true"...

    Thanks to Photoshop! :wink:

    Apart this, as a European, I can feel the german touch and the french touch through these two "interpretations"...
  19. Following the news about the FZ8... another picture:


    An "very near the real thing" image as says the website, "in line with the FZ1 style"...
    Power about 106 metric hp...
    According to them, the FZ8 will be for sale in France in May 2010 for the price of 7999 Euros.

    So, let's go for price speculations here in LOS, speaking of Yamaha prices:
    - as (for example) the FZ6F is sold 7000 Euros in France and 500000 Bahts in Thailande,
    - the FZ8 sold 8000 Euros there should be then tagged about 570000 Bahts

    Wait and see

  20. Remember the Baht is pegged, and also remember the import duty from Japan is down year by year and 2010 is no different.

    But you're right we have to wait and see, not that I will buy one but it's an interesting development in Thailand...
  21. From Yammie.
  22. Nice..

    Price will be the question..
  23. Thanks Tubber,
    Interesting news from As the engine should be derivated from the FZ1 one...

    At least, here is the first FZ8 "official picture" from Yamaha:


    A sort of a FZ1, "800cc sauce" isn't it? Nice and clean bike apparently...

    It'll get the tough task to compete the Kawasaki Z750 (a best-seller in Europe, 1st in France) on the market...

    The question remains:
    "Will the FZ8 available in Thailand, and at what price?"


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