New GT Rider Guide Map: The Mae Sa Valley Samoeng

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by DavidFL, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The latest GT Rider guide map
    The Mae Sa Valley / Samoeng Loop
    is now out on sale in Chiang Mai.
    Cost is a woppin great big 99 baht & has to be the best value for money map around.
    For all you guys who thought you knew the Mae Sa Valley / Samoeng Loop and immediate Chiang Mai environs (with the 3 super high way ring roads) check out this GT Rider map. It's good & accurate.
    Map arrived late Frid night 11pm & was in most Chiang Mai shops the next day, before I left for Oz on one of those damn visa runs.
    See ya all next Thursday nite at the Kafe.

    Keep The Power On
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  3. Rusty

    Rusty Active Member

    Perfect! Thanks!
  4. berty_bkk

    berty_bkk Ol'Timer

    I'll pick one up when I get to CM next month, driving up in the car, and got a truck selivering the bike, I do things comfortably these days!!

  5. grrr

    grrr Member

    Great! I've been looking for the old one (without luck), so a new edition is wonderful news. Thanks!
  6. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer


    I'm back home now and wistfully looking at my collection of your maps planning some new off-road routes for when I'm over next. Well put together.

    I encourage anybody travelling around the Northwest of Thailand and its environs to pick up Davids maps. The three of them together give you the best detail of the area along with all the points of interest ever needed. The best few hundred baht you will ever spend.
  7. ducatidave

    ducatidave Member

    Hi, I have a question and am not sure where to post so I'll start here. I'll be in Thailand in Feb. and am looking forward to some Northern trail riding. To find fellow riders should I just pop into the kafe and ask around or make a Post in the forum? Do you guys ride the loops every week? Seems like it would be more fun riding in a small group but I don't what an organized tour. Thanks, Dave
  8. Fiddy

    Fiddy Ol'Timer

    Guess I'll answer my own question and direct others to the "EVENTS" forum re. rides, etc.
  9. CBR

    CBR Member

    The maps are ok but you don't need them to tour the Samoeng Loop. I did that without a hitch first time around with no map.
    Theres plenty of other freeware sources and websites that cover that sort of thing.
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member


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