New Hotel on the Doi Phu Ka Loop (1256)


Dec 10, 2005
In the heart of one of the best loop trips in Northern Thailand a new hotel has opened in Bo Klua only 3 km from the entrance to the Doi Phu Ka National Park. It used be that to do the loop, and stay in a comfortable place with good food you had to stay in Nan. No longer. Two Aussies with one Thai partner have opened an upscale place with 5 bungalows in the mountains and rice paddies in the Bo Klua valley right next to the town by that name. I stayed there on December 8th and it was great sleeping(quiet rice paddy, forest environment) with full food including great bread and pastries (one of the owners is a former Swiss pastry chef). Prices are around 1000-1200 Baht for a bungalow with large queen bed.
Since it just opened, you should not have to book ahead, but if you want to, the email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].

Also, the mobile number of Toun Upajak, the Thai partner who manages it on a day to day basis and speaks fluent English is 081- 8096392.

stephen moore [:)]


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Dr Steve
Great tip there for everyone on North Thailand's greatest loop (IMHO).
The guys there have a website up & running too
I'll definitely have to check the place out this cold season.

It was also a pleasure meeting you again, & this time not on the road where we usually bump into each other, but at the Cnx Bike Week party.