New modification for Tiger Boxer 250RS

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by mbox999, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I think it is worth mentioning now ...i got some decent modification on My boxer 250 RS done .
    it includes: Racing head,racing camshaft,bigger carburettor , ignitaion different set.
    As result it gives now 3 hp's more and a higher endspeed which i didn't really push to the limit yet...but i reach higher speeds faster now.
    The Cost of all that was 4500 THB and modification voids the warranty but no risk , no fun.... so far it does very well, and it sounds "sexier" too.
    This modification is not officially advertised from Tiger Motors but it is a small racing Team's doing . Part of the Racing Team are some people who also work at Tiger though .
    It is good news to see this kind of development happening.

    Happy trails,

  2. hello mbox. those mods sound good. can you give me a contact for the team that did yours? might do the same. thanks.
  3. Hi Renhard. was that 3hp tested on TIGERS dyno or just a guesstment.
    Interesting development.
  4. Hi Allan,
    It was tested on Dyno ,
    happy trails,
  5. cool. good to know. TIGER should really market the extras more effectivly. If you look at Kawasaki an the KSR you can get loads of stuff from the website and shops.
  6. Hi Allan,
    Just to have it underlined that this modification/tuning is not done by Tiger Motors,and it would, according to Khun Pariya, not legally correct if such tuning is offered from the manufacturer, but it's a small Racing team where some of the people also work for Tiger Motors who do that tuning.

    Happy trails,


    Ps: those interested on having it, Pm me

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