New motorbike related shop in KK : Guts Rider

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  1. Thanks to MarcusB for pointing it out (I passed the shop at least 10 times this month).

    Name : Guts Rider
    Location : 85/5 moo 7 (Darun Samran road)
    That is the road going to the train station. The shop in in one of the new small shop-houses (one floor). Riding in Mittraphap rd. coming from the south take a right turn at Thanon Ban Kok (that is the one before BigC). Cross the rail-road and at the T-section turn left. Then it is after about 200m on your left hand. Difficult to see and very small shop.

    They are selling a good collection of helmets (AGV, EJ2, Real), Jackets (leather and mash), boots & shoes, gloves, tank and other bags.
    For a small new shop they actually have a huge stock. Especially for Khon Kaen where dealers do not believe in selling accessories (too much trouble?).

    Tel. 084-774-8216

    Chang Noi
  2. Thanks for posting! Next time I'm in KK, I'll check them out.

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