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  1. Hi all,
    My name is Jan, I live in Holland.
    I am reading this board for about a year and picked up some bits and pieces of information that can be usefull for me. Thanks for that.
    In the last five years I have been riding about 30.000km in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia. Half of that on my own bike which was shipped from Holland to Malaysia and back and the other half on different rental bikes.
    Trip reports of some my previous trips can be found on my website, but they are written in Dutch only.
    I will be staying in the Chiang Mai area again from the end of october till the end of november, and that won't be the last visit.
    As I do not want to rent a bike again, and as it will be to expensive to permanently import one of my own bikes even if it would be possible, I want to buy one locally. Any tips are welcome.

  2. Jano's first tip, post some ride reports in english, pic's will give you brownny points.
  3. Last two trips of this year were quite uneventfull for the part of riding. Didn't even bother to make a trip report for myself. Just a quick ride CNX-Phao and CNX-Mae Sariang. Hopefully I have a bit more to write next month.


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