New seat cover, where in CNX?

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  1. Hi all,

    I would like to change the seat cover of my "new" old XR 250...
    So, advices on a good shop here in CNX?
    I know, they are many, but by proper experience, some are very bad! So some infos welcome...

    I already checked with the search engine, found many things, but nothing about this... Maybe I did wrong :oops:

  2. Wualai Rd, about 400m down on the right from CM gate before Richco powdercoat. The shop has old car seats outside. The guy there lets you pick your fabric and does a good job but does not understand English. Should cost about 400B or less.


  3. Try this one ... -t633.html
  4. Thanks Pikey and David.

    Very good work on this link, David. Very usefull...

    NANA SCREWS is near the moat, isn't it? Because I don't "see" any shop like this one close by PISTON SHOP...
    I'll go and take a peak.

    Thanks a lot.
  5. The one on Wualai is “Tee Gan Boh” right? Can someone that has had their seat done there give a review?

    I have gone twice to the seat shop on the corner of Chang Moi and Sithiwong. The first time I changed the seat on my Phantom, and the guy did an awesome job for 800 baht; I was very happy with it. The second time I dropped off my ER6n seat, and the results were less impressive. It’s still very uncomfortable and the stitching is crooked. 800 baht again, but I’m going to have to redo it.

    I’d like to try someplace different this time, and I guess I’ll go to Wualai Road this time. If anyone has a review of that shop or a different recommendation I’d appreciate it.

  6. I couldn't seem to open that thread, it keeps saying "Access Denied". Did you guys post porn in there or something? :wink: Well, I assume it was favorable anyway.

    I went to the shop at the corner of Chang Moi and Sithiwong with my girlfriend and talked to the guy for about 10 minutes. I gave very specific instructions as to what I wanted done to my seat and went away with high hopes. He said pickup was in 24 hours.

    I came back the next day and was shocked at how poorly the seat was done. An absolutely hideous job; it was so bad that I really couldn't even complain about it. It was obviously just a lack of skill; no amount of complaining would help. He had completely ignored all my requests, made it more uncomfortable than it had previously been, and left almost a full inch between the front of the seat and the tank. I took the seat and just left. It was so bad.. I just wish I had taken a picture to show how ugly it was.

    I should say that I took my Phantom seat to this guy a year ago, and he did a wonderful job. I think the problem is the only seats he knows how to do are Phantom seats and Dream seats.

    So, I was so upset that I drove immediately to your recommended joint, Tee Gan Boh. At that point I was seriously worried that my seat was beyond repair and I might have to buy a new one.

    That guy in there is pretty grumpy. When I walked in, I got that, "What the hell do you want" vibe from him. But aside from that, he is awesome. He had me stay with him for about 2 hours while he slowly grated off foam dust from the seat with some kind of cheese grater. Every so often he would put the seat back on the bike and have me sit on it to see how it was coming along, so I ended up getting a truly custom fit seat. After the foam was re-cut and filled in to properly fit against the tank, he stitched together two types of fabric for the cover so that the passenger and driver sections are different fabric. Looks awesome, feels great. The whole thing was 800 baht.


    I highly recommend this guy. I've tried 3 different seat shops over the years and this is the best, the other two weren't even close. The only bad thing is that you better speak some Thai before you walk in the door, or at least bring a translator. He spoke not one word of English in the 3 hours I sat in there, and he tested my Thai to the max. He speaks fast and makes no effort to slow down for you or make it easier to understand. I speak intermediate Thai and had a tough time. But the work he did was top notch, highly recommended.
  7. HTWoodson
    Glad your seat worked out for you...
    Yep that's the guy "we've" been using & recommending for years. He's been doing good Corbin seat copies for several GT Riders & they are all impressed. Don't worry too much about the grumpiness & communication problem - he knows his stuff & delivers...

    80/2 Wualai Road. (Opposite Baan King Kaew orphange.)
    Tel: 053275069.
    Mobile: 0817966468

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