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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by johnnysneds, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. johnnysneds

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    Hi all,

    I've just recently moved from Pattaya to Chiang Mai. Serviced the old KLX over the weekend and went for a spin around the Samoeng Loop which was awesome. This was the first time riding for a while since the move.
    I'm just wondering if there are any of you who regulary get together and do a bit of off-road/trail riding in and around Chiang Mai. Got into the off road biking a year and a half ago after being into sports bikes most of my life. Seem to enjoy the dirt biking more now, maybe a sign of getting on in life, who knows.
    I do also enjoy the odd touring trips but don't have the ideal bike at the moment. The KLX on knobblies is ok on tarmac but not great.
    I have done a trip through the Caramoms on the KLX and would love to do something like this again at some point. I think Harry and Justin are regular members on the forum who were also involved in the tour.
    Anyway it would be great to meet up with some old and new friends and get back into biking.

    Cheers the noo
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  3. schackster

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    Hi Johnny , there is a group who usually go offroad riding for half to a full day almost every week. As a matter of fact they are riding today . They usually meet at Euro Diner & Bar in the Old City for breakfast and push off from there. PM for details if your keen to join next time

    Welcome and regards

  4. LivinLOS

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    Also just moved to the area, took longer to get settled in the house and only in the last few weeks been out and riding, all road tours so far, and the wife is keen to explore too so not pushing it that hard with her pillion. Some great ones so far tho.

    I am many years since I used to ride dirt a lot, but am looking to get back into it (anywhere I can get man sized MTX boots in the city for sane money ??) probably with rental klx for the time being, tho if I found the right road plated 2 stroke I might be willing to buy.
  5. johnnysneds

    johnnysneds Ol'Timer

    Many thanks schackster, have the details now and will try and get round to the Euro Diner sometime and meet a few people and hopefully get out on some trails.

    LivinLOS, I ordered my clothing/boots from the states, places like and will deliver to your address in Thailand. However last time I got stung for import tax as I used FEDEX for delivery instead of USPS, however it still worked out cheaper than the prices from the likes of Dirt Shop in Bangkok. Its a bit of a hit and miss with the tax. Youll also have to fork out between 50-100US for delivery so unless your ordering a fair amount of gear its not worth it.

  6. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    I should probably load up from as my brother can bring it over.. Just the risk of fit is all..

    What about up at the tachilek market ??

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