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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by blackb15, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Hello

    Really very impresssed with the forum and some of the postings and the information/humour.
    I arrive at Chiang Mai 5/11/09 then hiring a bike for 4 days not sure which route I am doing yet so many choices and may need more days. The NAN route looks good (but so do others !)

    Been to Thailand many times but generally scuba diving, but never to North Thailand so any advice very welcome ?

    Safe riding

  2. HI Paul

    I had my first taste of Northern Thailand a couple of months ago and am returning again same time next year. It was a wonderful experience and one i would recommend to anyone.

    As for advice, I guess the only advice I would give would be to not necessarily follow a planned route if something along the way strikes you as interesting. The best part of my travelling was the surprises I discovered through either getting lost or through simply trying the side roads.

    At first I was a bit worried about the availbility of facilities, petrol, place to stay etc. but soon realsied that unless you are right up in the mountains offroad somewhere, there will always be hep at hand from someone. It just happens that way. I don't mean that you should take chances or unneccesary risks, but a little bit of the unplanned will add to your enjoyment.

    Read other trip reports for ideas on where to go and then post your own for us to share

    Good luck and enjoy yourself

  3. Paul

    Welcme to GTR and you will find out that North has one of the best sceenery for riding and dont worry about route you talking,, you can't ride them all now 8), take your time, hit to Kafe in CM, chat with guys, Pikey, Ian Bungy and many many other's are there so you have no problems to find riding buddy.

    Just enjoy your time,hit the road and ride safely.

    Welcome again

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