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  1. I just got off the phone with this gentleman named Yut. He says they have just returned from working out a deal with Triumph Motorcycle and will be the dealer in Thailand. He hopes to have some in his BKK showroom around March. Yes, seeing is believing, but it sounds pretty promising.

    I asked Yut to keep us updated and hopefully he will join this board,

    (Are you there WINSTON!)
  2. Sure I'm there and I can surely live with being proven to be wrong. I really hope it's coming true and the guys name is Yut and not Jum (remember Siam Superbike?). Sorry for the little reminescence ...

    Did he say anything where the bikes are coming from? Triumph is aasembling bikes in Thailand, but their licence should be only for export and flexibility is not a typical feature thai officials are known for.
    In about 3 weeks a relative of mine will be here doing the maintenance on their machinery. Then I should know more about this ...
  3. Yut(not Jum) said he was talking with Triumph UK and that they would be imported, so it doesn't sound like they will be coming from the factory here. He says March so we'll see if that's optimistic or a reality.
  4. Yut has just called me to say that the Scrambler is now ready for viewing at Brit Bike's showroom in BKK.
    29/75-6 Royal City Avenue,
    Soi Soonvichai,
    Rama 9 Rd,
    Bangkapi, Huay Kwang
    BKK 10320
  5. Dear All,

    My name is Yut and I am working for Britbike Co.,Ltd..
    We just received 4 bikes from Triumphs' Factory in Chonbury to display in our show room in RCA.And bikes that we ordered should be here around Late Feb.And plan for Grand Opening in March 26 ,07.

    Bikes are import new from Triumph U.K with warranty and we also have first class insurance , and Finance available for all bikes .

    Now ,we have Scrambler,Speed Triple,Rocket III ,and Sprint St.
    in our showroom ,We open from 10 am. to 19 pm.
    Mon to sat.

    If you like more information please feel free to contact my mobile
    (089) 7711-677.

    I will keep you updated.

    Ride carefully .

  6. Welcome to the board Yut and sincere best wishes for success with your business!


  7. Hi Yut,
    Good to see you on ball, Any chance of giving us some Prices of the Bikes you will sell here ??? The cost of the New 1050?. All the best.
    Cheers Ian.
  8. Thanks Yut, I know there are a lot of potential customers reading this board. Glad you could come on and post.
  9. Dear All ,
    Thank you very much for
    May I please inform you our 2007 model price.

    Model Retail Price Promotion price*
    Bonneville 510,000 480,000
    T100 580,000 550,000
    Thruxton 565,000 535,000
    Scrambler 565,000 535,000
    Speedmaster 585,000 555,000
    America 555,000 525,000
    Speed Triple 740,000 700,000
    Daytona 675 670,000 630,000
    Sprint ST 825,000 780,000
    Tiger 740,000 700,000
    Rocket III 1,180,000 1,120,000

    * when order before 26 March 2007 (our grand opening)
    - 30% off for Parts and accessory ,when order with bike.
    - V.I.P 15% discount for parts and accessory for 2 years
    - finance and first class insurance available

    now we still waiting for the interest soon as i know i will inform you again.

  10. These prices are very good value for Thailand ,

  11. Sometimes it's very nice to be proven wrong!
    Everything sounds very good and the conditions/model prices are not bad at all. Even financing is offered. Good luck that this is working out and that sales figures make it a profitable business.
  12. For what it's worth, I bought my R1200GS new from Yut when he worked for Barcelona Motors in Bangkok. Yut understands and delivers the kind of service that farang customers expect. Barcelona didn't always like the way he did things and wasn't happy that he played the role of customer advocate.

    I was sad to see him leave BMW and wish him the best of luck with Triumph.
  13. Barry is absolutely right, Yut is one of the few good guys in the industry.
    On the strength of his participation in BritBikes I put an order in.


    Their address is as above [previous post] and their GPS coordinates:

    They are just putting their shop together and have been loaned 4 new bikes for the show room. They are NOT demo bikes!
    They have another 4 more bikes coming in to satisfy Thai Dept of Transport tests. Perhaps these will become available 4 demo rides if they are not trashed in the process.
    Then they have 20 units coming in for sale.
    Some of these have already been preordered by customers.


    Dom, one of the owners, and a keen biker himself.
    He has ambitions for the company, with outlets in other parts of Thailand, dependant obviously on demand.


    The Speed Triple



    Sprint ST


    The noisy end.


    The absurd 2.3 litre Rocket 3 - there's already an order in for one!


    Finally, the Scrambler


    Possibly more show than go - but some clever Kiwis in Nelson [Thunderbikes] have applied colonial know-how circumventing EU regs & found ways of making it perform.

  14. Thank you krab khun Berry ,

    I take that as a compliment.

    I 'll do my best to keep everything the way it should be.

    and For all ,I have comfirmation that our interest rate will be 4% / Year and First Class Insurance will be apx .0315 of the retail price.

    Thank you and See you all on the road.

  15. Was going to have a BMW but since hearing of BritBike on this site have changed my mind! Have ordered a new Bonnie T100 today.

    Yut is on the ball regarding replying to emails & is certainly helpful! Rang him this morning re. getting deposit to the firm to secure order - his English is excellent & he is very courteous. I wish him & his firm all the best!

    Now all I have to do is wait till their fax is sorted & I can send some papers through!"
  16. PS - tried fax again several hours later & hey presto! No problem.
    In case anyone would question my choosing Bonnie over BMW R1200RS I will give my reasons now.
    Suffered a badly broken lower right leg just over 2 years ago in India in a hit & run RTA with one of their crazy bus drivers. Have a Honda STX 1300 at present (in UK) & am very pleased with it,but have been finding it heavy since accident.Felt BMW would be same but until heard of BritBike didnt see a viable alternative. Used Bonnie T100 in June 2005 in Canada/USA & was very impressed. I feel it will be OK for what I want it for in Thailand + it is so much lighter.Its not shaft drive but you cant have everything. Have had 2 Trophy's in days gone by so know Triumph as reliable.
  17. I tuned up a 2004 790cc New Bonny last year for a mate in UK, standard bike gave 58hp on the dyno, after fitting K&Ns , jets ,open pipes and removing the emmissions shit we ended up with 76p and about 12kg less and a glorious sound, soon he is getting the 900cc kit which should yield a bit more grunt and some FCRs. also we upgraded the rear shcks, front springs and oil and HHpads in front brake with stailess hose.

    a nice fun machine, he uses it to commute on all year round too.

  18. I owned a 790 Bonnie before moving to Laos. After open pipes a bit of rejetting and fitting IKON shocks and progressive fork springs it was a great bike. There's a huge aftermarket range available on the net. I ended up with M bars and rear sets to turn it into a cafe racer before the Thruxton came out. With a few mods you can have it bouncing off the rev limiter in at least the first 4 gears.

    Even in standard trim a Bonnie should have more than enough power for Thailand. The brakes are a bit grim. Braided brake lines are available which help a bit.
  19. Hi Yut,
    Been a Triumph man all my long life and glad to see you guys finally bringing them in.
    What is the Warranty Terms you are offering in Thailand and how does servicing /warranty happen if I am outside of Bangkok?.
  20. Hi Yut,
    Great to see Triumph in Thailand, should be up your way next year.
    I am currently riding a 2002 955 Speed Triple. Its a great hoon bike. Loves chewing up Harleys at the lights and great around the twisties.
    I am suprised at the prices you have quoted as a new 1050 Speed Trip in Aussy is around 420.000 baht and a rocket is 621.000 a bit of a difference. Guess its the Thai governments import duty.
    Are you going to set up service centres like the BMW franchises?
  21. Hi Yut,
    I forgot to mention, I went for a ride with the Triumph Motorcycle Club here in Aussie. It was held in Port Macquarie on the east coast of Aussie. You can check out the photos on Link removed
    and look up triumph motorcycle weekend. Some nice big Rockets.
  22. Hi Col,
    check out they are a triumph dealership in Oz
    Its all academic, you still have to get the bike back into Thailand and get the relevant paperwork etc.
    another example Bonny scrambler:$13,990 Aust
  23. In general bikes are cheaper in Oz than anywhere else in the world and in Thailand probably the most expensive I've seen anywhere. Hard to justify spending 700,000 baht on a new bike costing 470,000 baht in Oz for a Speed Triple for example.
    If only ASEAN was like the EEC we could all buy our bikes in Singapore or Malaysia and live happily in Thailand.
  24. I have just got back from USA , triumphs are 25% cheaper there than in UK.
    rippoff britain again

  25. Dear All'

    As far as I know the only reason ,why they are some diffarence in price is because of the
    TAX structure of each country .
    and I don't think that, we have much diffarence in Profit margin.

    And I would like to confirm that ,there will be Britbike branch in Changmai within 3 months and Phuket would be follow in very near future.

    If you have any suggestion please inform us.


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