New w800 retro coming soon

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  1. Kawasaki are relaunching the great w650 retro parrallel twin again but now it will be 800cc to match the 60+ Hp of the triumph Bonnie it will be exactly the same as the old w650 except sadly NO kickstart ...I hope they bring it here at a sensible price .
  2. Far out - This is great news if available in Thailand. Thanks Man your have made my day. Heres hoping this comes true and Thailand Kawasaki is certainly changing the bike scene here in LOS.

    Cheers Ken F
  3. I dunno where it will be made ? hope its thailand like the ER650 but probably Japan
    its a much nicer bike than the Bonnie
  4. Have you already seen and tested this bike then?
  5. Have you already seen and tested this bike then?
    Not the new 800 but have ridden 2 w650s and 3 new Bonnies and the Kwak is nicer in my opinion it looks better , its motor is sweeter , handling the triumph is a bit sharper but on balance the kwak has the edge but not The badge.

    New 800 will be more powerful which is nice will have EFI like the trumpet and maybe they will put better shocks on as standard .It will be a good bike as the w650 was .
  6. I am not easily impressed with "classic" looking bikes but this one - wow, what a beauty! An instant design classic! I hope it's coming.
  7. Hi Friends,

    No price idea ? When available and where made ?
  8. [youtube:1isvlfd1] /youtube:1isvlfd1]

    Guess now the wait is on to see if we get it in Thailand. Fingers crossed.
  9. LSL the Kawasaki W650 specialists from Germany have been lent a prototype W800by Kawasaki to develop aftermarket pipes ,tuning ans accessories for the W800
  10. And boy did they breathe some life into it.




  11. My Thai friend just got off the phone with the dealer in Bangkok and there are no plans to bring the bike to Thailand anytime soon... Shite.

  12. Spoke to the head honcho at Mityon Kawasaki on Saturday and asked him when they might get the W800 ...he said they have loads of enquiries about the W800 from thais and Farangs and could sell many ,he hoped it would be available Mid year from Kawasaki but they have not yet issued any availability for the Model in thailand he also reckoned it would sell for about the same as the 900 Vulcan which would make it a big seller as The Triumph Bonnie is much pricier.

    Meanwhile for those who cant wait good W650s are coming in from Japan regularly at between 150,000 no book or 230,000 with book in virtually mint condition.
  13. Virtually mint condition, so does that mean a recycled book or not?
  14. Thought I'd share this pic with you...

    Attached files 264777=895-w800-cafe.
  15. Nice Bike .. got the 650..looking forward to getting W800 :)

    Attached files 266005=1660-kawasaki-w800-front. 266005=1659-kawasaki-w800-rear.
  16. My Kawasaki W650 :)

    Attached files 266019=1665-IMG_0030.
  17. Hi, Nice looking machine... I have ordered mine :)

    Attached files 266102=1742-!!tpUz1Q!m0~$(KGrHqJ,!loE1FyWh)OHBNWW(8ziyQ~~_12. 266102=1741-!!tpUz2wBm0~$(KGrHqR,!iQE1Noo)f0lBNWW(9B1!g~~_12. 266102=1743-5041727592_4c33b1ac84.
  18. Where and how?
  19. The good news is that doesn't mean anything. Kawasaki is keeping a tight lid on model release information. They will deny that it will come until the day they put it in the showroom.

    Not saying it's coming, just want to say that a denial means nothing.
  20. Its coming dont worry , Kawasaki know they can sell shed loads of these if the price is near or less than Vulcan 900 ,they have to ramp up production to fill Eu orders and USA first
  21. Where ... @ ...... Price 500,000 baht including Registration .... New in the box .. 2 months delivery :)
  22. Wow, never heard of this company, but if they can supply the bike and more importantly a legal green book at that price, then that's excellent news! Please keep us posted! Happy Trails! Tony

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