New Yamaha Super Tenere in Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Cloughy, May 2, 2012.

  1. Passing Yamaha today I spotted this little number


    Price is 890,000 Baht as seen in the pic. Not sure about the price without all the kit on.

    Had a sit on it and it seems very comfortable. Seating position is comparable to a Versys but the handle bars are a little lower in my opinion and maybe a little more comfortable for it. Didn't feel that heavy for a fully loaded 1200 either.

    As a side note, Yamaha are doing a big bike handling course on the piece of land between nimanheeman (forgive the spelling lol) and canal road next to Tawandeng nightclub from 08:30 on Saturday 05/05/2012 & 06/05/2012 according to the guy in the shop.

    They also have the new 2012 Tmax 500 for all you big scooter fans, looks very nice too.
  2. That Yamaha in Australia is under 600.000.00 baht.
    It has just dropped in price from just over $21000.00 to $18990.00 ride away.
    Nice to have that bike in Thailand but that is stupid money I can buy 3 Versys for that I know they are not in the same ball park but spend a 100.000 baht on it and you will a preety tricked up versys.

    We live in hope that one day big bikes from other brands will be at competitive prices then we will all have some good competition at a more realistic price that every one can afford.
  3. I agree to a certain point but the 1200cc engine and build quality would make it uncomparable to a Versys. Also comparing it to what it is in other countries is also a little pointless in my opinion as it has no relevance. none of us are in those countries right now lol.
    If we did that all the time we would hardly ever buy anything at all. Even the clothes on our backs to a certain extent. I do understand the frustration though.
    The bike is imported so that's going to be why it is so expensive i think.
  4. Hi Cloughy,
    Yes I saw that as well Yesterday! Nice Bike but getting up in Price. David, Worldwide the Price of the Super Tenere has dropped as they were above any comparable Bike and Sales have been Dismal to say the least, even now they aren't far from the GS1200? Also Reviews on the Big Yamaha haven't been very Flattering either! But given the Argument on Prices here In a reverse Scenario Kawasaki are cheaper here than other Countries and so are Pickups. Food, Drink, Rent etc etc. But of course I have to agree with Cloughy no point in comparing Prices from Thailand with anywhere? The New Triumph 1200 Adventure is due in Thailand any time now so I would be interested to know how that compares to the Big Guns on Price? We already know it Ticks all the Boxes on what is required!
  5. Hi Friends,

    Nice bike for sure but I am quite concern by the lack of creativity of these brands -Yamaha and Triumph- who are launching "ersatz" of the BMW GS...same look, samecases, same side headlights...

    The Trimuph I saw in paris was a perfect me-too of the GS.

    Where is the creativity of these famous brands who were pionneers in the past ?
  6. My friend picked up this nearly new (669 miles) ST a week before our recent Vietnam trip for $12000 US. The prior owner bought it through the Yahama pre-order system and it turned out to be too big for him so he had to dump it for a hefty loss. But Rhidian's gain. I guess I have to finally go get that DR650 I have been procrastinating to buy. I rode his Tenere' and it is a fine machine with good power and ergos, but a big too much bike for me when offroad. Smaller, lighter, and simple is what I am after when the pavement ends and the DR seems to fit the bill in that regard. And easily had new for $5200 US, it is a steal especially with the 0% finance for 5 years Suzuki has going on now.



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