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  1. Well all you retro guys.....


    What do you think of the new Yamaha Sakura "concept model" (1,000cc, air-cooled V-twin engine) out next week in Japan?
  2. Hi David,

    I don't believe that they so out of ideas that they make such come back with an older style....

    Much prefer their innovations than this oldisch style....
  3. Two thumbs up, I'd be a potential buyer. It stakes out a kind of middle ground between the 1200S Sportster and the old cafe racer Triton (Triumph engine/Norton frame) style bike, both of which I've owned. This is nice because it will be a very torquey engine, but the riding position is not as radical as the cafe racer style.

    Before I came to Thailand 2 years ago, I was checking out doing a cafe racer conversion to an Enfield Bullet, but this Yamaha would have been an attractive option. I'd like it better if it had more traditional rounded lines on the fenders (rather than that elongated style Yam uses) and a smaller bump on the rear of the seat. Engine looks delicious...

  4. It worked for Triumph with their "Modern Classics" range.

    I think the Yam looks great but if it were me with the styling pen in hand, I'd create a flat-track look for the rear end.


  5. Hi Pikey,

    I agree with you that it worked with Triumph, but Triumph has an other "perfume", how to say it's a myth...

    I do not feel the same with Japanese bikes of this style which make me think much more to pale copies....
  6. Hi Azoulay,

    Hmmm, I don't know so much now as let's face it - the big 4 Japanese manufacturers have all been mainstream 35+ years now and in my (humble) opinion, can fairly claim to have "heritage" too. As for the Triumph "myth", there is no refuting the history books cataloging Triumph race wins in most forms of motorcycle sport up to the 1960's before there was any serious competition from Japan and yes, agreed, the Modern Classic Triumph range play on that for sure.

    OK, Yamaha are obviously jumping on the retro bandwagon to an extent with the Sakura but if it appeals, then you'll pretty much have a safe bet that it will be a sorted bike. To me it looks like an XS650 with a V-twin lump and is nice.

    BTW, I am expecting a delivery of a 2008 Bonneville soon so you could say I like the retro style! [:D] Mind you, I used to ride (and push!) a 1962 5TA, have restored a 76 Bonnie T140 and owned 3 of the earlier Hinckley triples so you could also say I like Triumphs - new and old![;)]


  7. I like it , I have owned and tuned several old XS 650 , bored to 850 etc , an excellent design .I would like that new yamaha.
  8. Yeah, it's a nice tribute... to the sportster..arrggh
  9. Hi Col,

    Yep, Triumph will have a dealership here in CNX soon and I am using money that mum left me when she passed away earlier this year to treat myself as I've always fancied them. Will be fuel injected as I understand they have a few more BHP than the carb models. You must be due back soon? Pop by and say hello.

    MM, agree, the XS650 was a great bike but I must admit to "chopping" one (i.e ruining one!) in the late 80s... I also seem to remember that it was a popular unit for sidecar MX and they took them out to 900+ cc - am I right?

    Irv - I maybe completely wrong but I'd reckon that the Yam engine would be more like the V-Rod than a Sportster. Either way, would be nice to see it come to production (with a flat track back end [:D])


  10. The original.....


    Wasn't bad.....but I liked the Triumph better.
  11. But the new Bonny EFI has CATALYTIC converters in the exhausts so aftermarket pipes will be a major hassle ansd it sounds crap as standard, The carb models will still be available outside EU and are still in production in Chonburi.I have tuned the carbsed 790 model for a mate and got 72bhp and 69ftlbs torque when we finished.

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