**Newbie - Ideas wanted, and my first trip report! :)

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  1. mallmagician

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    Hi all,

    Well Im new to the forums here. I joined because I have had the MHS map already, and just bought a Somoeng Loop map from Top Gear here in Chiang Mai.

    My wife and I just bought a Honda Scoopy (Yes, I know, its not a Big Bike, but I love scooters!)

    With only 70km on the Scoopy Clock, we set off on the Samoeng Loop ride. What a fantastic day we had. I had already gone right through the Mae Sa valley, but had never then gone onto Samoeng, and doubled back through to Hang Dong. It was most enjoyable, and a good test for our new Scoopy.

    Unfortunately, we did not have our camera with us on the ride, as it was a last minute thing, so Im afraid this time around, my ride report is incredibly bare bones. So I'll refrain from harping on, without pics to back up the tale!

    Anyway, so that leads me to some newbie questions:-

    (1) The New (?) Samoeng Loop map I just bought from Top Gear bikes, appears to already be outdated. It says First Edition on it (2006). Is there a newer edition available? I noticed when I got to Samoeng there was now a main road at the end T-Junction (1***) dont remember the road number, but it was not on the Samoeng Loop map. Also the Huay Teung Tao area, has the road aroung the lake as being 50% dirt road. A few other things aswell. So thought I'd just ask.

    (2) We are wanting to take a weekend trip this coming weekend, and being the frugal folks we are, we were wanting to find nice accomodation within out budget. We were thinking Chiang Dao, or Phayao. Which offers the better weekend away? Best ride? Things to do? Where to stay? We'd like a nice enough room, preferably with balcony/porch, a view, for around 500 a night? Possible?

    (3) Does anyone know where we can get flag poles for our Scooter from? We want to put a Thai and an English flag on the back. :)

    (4) ANy other scooter riders here? We were thinking of trying to set up some very leisurely rides. Do you think we'd get any takers on this forum?


    Phil & Nokk
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  3. mallmagician

    mallmagician Member

    Thanks for the welcome Captain Slash. :)

    Glad to know we 110cc-ers are welcome too. :)

    Any thoughts on which route would be most suitable for scooter? Phayao or Chiang Dao.

    I must admit, Im leaning more towards Phayao due to the possibility of a circular route.


    Phil (and Mrs Phil A.K.A Nokk)
  4. Marco

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    Welcome to board, 110cc push bikes anything no matter what are welcome,, now if you look down to board, we have ever Bicycle and 4WD sections and of course legendary Colins tour with Honda Wave

    So where ever you wanna ride with missus just go for it and have fun.
  5. Fishenough

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    Cheers and welcome Phil! My wife happily rides her Honda scoot on long rides very happily, brings a smile to my face following her as she rides 70 to 80 kms without a stop. She’s ridden twice up Doi Intanon, via the back route, and other long rides like Pai and back.

    GT Rider hasn’t let me down with finding good accommodations at different prices, the recommended spots thread is a great place to start. Though often I search a city to find accommodation choices, a year ago used to search other Thai webboards also, but found I didn’t needed here. 500 baht will get you a sweet, romantic bungalow outside the cities no problem. Davidfl's last recommendation looks great.

    Best Regards,
  6. mallmagician

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    Thanks for the links.

    Still undecided. :) Even though Im leaning towards Phayao, Im thinking now that because Im a leisurely rider, I may be best going to the closer Chiang Dao.

    Anyway, thanks for the welcomes, and I will be sure to post a ride report after this weekend.



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