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    Hi there everybody, stumbled across this forum and it looks like just the thing for me. I'm coming to Chiang Mai for a few days at the start of May with my Teelak for a friend of hers wedding and plan on hiring out a motorbike while in town to do a spot of touring around the area, I want to do a spot of off/semi-off roading so thought something like a XR250 or TTR would be best.

    I've noticed that many Thai girls get afraid of being away from civilisation and are very wary of local guys they might encounter away from a busy town or city and was wondering if it is safe to venture off the main highways especially as I will have my Teelak with me.

    I used to do a lot of motocross in the UK in my younger days and was wondering if there are any tracks not too far from Chiang Mai, especially if there are any that may hire out full on motocross bikes rather than ploughing around on a enduro/trail bike.

    Most of my time in Thailand has been spent in Pattaya I cant help but notice the price of bike hire in Chiang Mai seems quite expensive in comparison. I hired out a Honda Phantom last Nov for a few days at 300 bht a day and those Honda 600 v twin choppers were 400bht a day when I enquired both of which appear to be around half the price in Chiang Mai.

    Also how does the style of riding in Pattaya and Chiang Mai compare, I once read somewhere that the pace is a lot slower in Chiang Mai.

    Any advice gratefully accepted.
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    Welcome to Thailand and enjoy the visit with your lady. I have travelled via motorbike both by myself and with the lady. I've never had any problems with the locals. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact. Most are welcoming, like to share a laugh and idle curiosity. As anywhere in the world, keep your nose clean, don't be a prat, and heed the funny feeling in your tummy if you meet people you're not quite sure of, this usually leads to good times and avoiding the bad.

    I rode off road in Pattaya and in Chiang Mai(once). I rode w/Farang in Pattaya and it was an enjoyable times with a couple hot shoes. Explored all over the little bumps they call hills, draws, washes, and fields. Experience varies greatly amongst the expats it seems. Just check your ego at the door and have a good time.

    When in Chiang Mai I rode off-road with about 8 Thais all on XR's and Bajas. They thrashed me all over, helped me fix the bike when I got both brake and shift levers bent under the cases, and were a gas. The riding in Chiang Mai was nice and technical single track riding where in Pattaya the riding was a lot more boring and open, not as technical nor scenic.

    My vote is Northern Thailand for bike riding. Though Pattaya did have the Bira circuit which was fun for laying darkies out of the corners on sport bikes[:D]. Other than Bira why rent a big street bike in Pattaya? No decent roads down there at all and a pain cruising beach road and 2nd street looking like a twat with the bike never able to get over 3K on the tach. Not my idea of fun.
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    Thanks for the reply racer,

    I know what you mean about Pattaya not warranting a big sports bike, I used to use my girlfriends brothers NSR150RR which was great for blasting round town but anything bigger would be a waste of time, in fact many a time I blew away the guys on the big bikes. unfortunately he sold the bike a while back so I'm back to hiring something out whenever I'm in town now.

    Where did you ride off-road around Pattaya ? I've asked my Girlfriend if she knows of anywhere but she did not and just told me it's dangerous to go out into the Jungle area and wasteland.

    I remember one time I went for a ride out to the area of the Mabprachan reservoir down Soi Siam Country club, the huge Reservoir was virtually empty due to drought and I was able to ride out into the middle of it, I sent my Girlfriend a text to say where I was and she immediately texted me back telling me not to let anyone approach me and to get out quick, not that I would of let anyone get near anyway but makes you think why it is a local would give such advise but then it is a favoured place among the darker side of Thai society for carrying out hits.

    If anyone knows the Mabprachan reservoir they may remember the small island in the middle with a tree on it, well here it is [:D]


    This will be my first time in Chiang mai and I'm really looking forward to it, I definitely want to ride out to Doi Inthanon and think I'll do the Samoeng loop aswell but I'm really looking to do some proper off-roading and would appreciate any suggestions as to the best places.
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    Off road in May could be difficult if it rains, around Xmas is the best time for that, if you want a real on road experiace head over to Nan & do the Doi Phuka loop, then hug the Laos border all the way up to Chiang kong, accross to mae sai then back down to C/Mai via Tharton, Chiang dow. Allow about 4 days all this covers the best the north has to offer
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    In Pattaya there are all types of trails, dirt roads, washes, gullys, etc just east of Sukhumvit. You can do loops exploring all places there are no houses. Take any small road east of Sukhumvit until you see a trail in the dirt. Follow it and see where it goes. you may run into a lot of dead ends this way but you also find a lot of jewels. We rode loops going passed Soi Siam Country club and Bira racetrack and looping back into town. The riding is not technical but its still fun and the world is your oyster. you can go anywhere out in the woods, just be respectful of farmers crop fields you come across. If you'd rather, you can hook up with some expats that ride dirtbikes and try and see if they will take you under their wing.

    As Joadda says, off road riding during the rainy season in Chiang Mai is a whole different story. I did a normal easy loop from Doi sutthep to Mae sae, however after an all night rain the next days ride was a survival fest for me as the trail was under two feet of water, covering all the two foot deep ruts and plethora of rocks, and uphills were snotty slippery gawdawful nightmares that when dry you did not even notice. Its a differrent world when it rains in the tropics.

    I beleive if you pick up Davids maps it will show you plenty of trails to explore in CNX. Do a search on the forum as there is also a local moto x track in CNX. Though triples on the XR sounds a bit much. Also check with the Pai enduro club, they might have some info for you in sorting out guided rides, tips etc.

    Good luck.

    I'm not sure what your girl is on about, sounds a bit of a worry wart to me. Tell her you stopped living with your mum years ago and don't fancy having another rendition with her. Anywhere in the world is dangerous if you're an idiot. Proper thinking and behavior gets you through most situations. I've never had problems exploring with friends or by myself in Thailand. Just smile a lot and be respectful of people. Gets me by just fine.
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    I must admit she does like to worry a bit too much but then she is a Nurse and she sees a lot of people admitted to her hospital who've been attacked or involved in motorcycle accidents, in fact motorcyclists are probably her most common customers and pay most of her bills - that is the lucky ones who survive !
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    The Motorcycle shop that is just on the BKK side of BKK Pattaya hospital on Suhkumvit road can help you out on the riding (and bikes) they used to have a Saturday get together and dirt ride. It's got dirt bikes for sale, the owner rides a XR650R , unfortunately I'm away from home and don't have the details with me.(Siam M/C??). Also a round of the Asia enduro is being run in Pattaya so there must be places to ride.Much prefer the North or Cambodia / Laos.
    Harri, XR650R.
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    Ok thanks Harry, I know that motorcycle shop although I've never been in it, my girlfriend works in the Bangkok Pattaya hospital so I often pass it.

    Been thinking about buying a bike to keep in Pattaya, if I can find some decent off-road spots maybe I'll get myself an enduro bike [:D]
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    Bike hire in Chiang Mai is more expensive than elsewhere as the bikes actually get used / abused / ridden. it is not uncommon for a bike to come back 1,000 kms more on the clock. Not many guys do that in Pattaya, where it is more like bar cruising for riding.

    For dirt tracks & loops there are heaps of them out of Samoeng, 50 kms from Chiang Mai.

    If you want to do a few days more serious trail riding, then check out ... hTerms=gps

    Also in Pai check out Peter at Pai Enduro. ... hTerms=gps
    he has a full on M-x track & bikes for hire. they also organize guided off road tours for all types of riders, novice to experienced enduro / M-Xers.

    For M-X tracks in & around Chiang Mai there are several. Contact Mark or Naa at Chiang Mai M-X shop on Moon Muang Road.
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    and ... hTerms=gps
    and ... hTerms=gps

    Hope this is a help.

    Keep The Power On

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