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  1. hi guys i am going for a trip with some mates in june and it will be the first time in chaing mai .. we will be renting bikes so any sort of help would be great as nothing booked other then plane trip over and back
  2. Good sense of adventure there, should be cleaner air by then and plenty of accommodation choices to choose from.

    Being a newbie to the CM area always looking for an excuse to get out and ride in this beautiful country - remind the forum crew closer to your arrival.

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  3. kev thanks for the reply and would be great to have some company with ppl that live in the area i will stay in touch once again many thanxs
  4. Paul,

    It would help if you can indicate what type of riding (roads, dirt, mix, etc.) you are interested in and what type/size of bikes, you and your mates riding skills and how many days you are going to be in Thailand/Chiangmai.

    Maybe also good to know that in June the rainy season will have started and, depending on how much rain we get in June, this may affect the type of riding


  5. sorry about the lack of info guy's. we have myself and 1 mate with quiet a few yrs. under our belts and 1 other who is going for his learners before we go so he has no skills at all .. were looking at just road bikes,and hoping to do some border crossings , our plan is to start up north and end up in Malaysia so i think a week in and around Chaing Mai befor we start to head down

  6. Hi there

    I am also going for my first ever trip to CNX in June. Over the last few months i have aked all the questions (both sensible and dumb) which will be going through your minds. If you spend a few minutes and search against my posts I am sure you will find the answers to many of the questions going through your minds right now

    Enjoy the planning and the execution

  7. Paul
    There is also this one to check out ... -t555.html

    1. Bikes ... vices.html

    2. Roads & Loops
    and ... rides.html

    3. General Touring Tips

    4. Crossing Borders ... sings.html

    Of note with renting a bike - you have to return the bike to the place you got it from, in order to get your passport back. No bike return = no passport return. So that will hamper your cross border plans somewhat.
    Take your time & do a bit more research on GT Rider & you should find "all" you need to know.
  8. thanxs for the info guy's will now get my arse into gear and sort the trip out as we just booked flights and should be in CM on the 3 of june and have 20 days to get around .. will buy maps before i get over ..once again guys many thanxs and i will be in-touch before i leave

  9. hi guys, well have the trip on the way and we will be in CHAING MAI on the 3 JULY are hoping to hire 3 bikes when we get into town and set of from there . I have one of the guys who want;s to buy some gear jackets and boots can you tell me if CHAING MAI is the place or should we look down south or BANKOK ..and if anyone up for a ride would be great

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