Nice and Easy Riders wanted following toy ride


Sep 7, 2009
The 12th of December was a great day, cool and crisp but more importantly there was a ride out for the ban mai samakki village pre school with the chiangmai toy ride bunch.
I like the toy ride days, they give me chance to get out on the bike and also see a little. Maybe, in the future, give a little back.

In truth I think it would have been hard to better this day as these events go. Breakfast at the X centre then a ride just past chiang dao to meet up at the rim dao resort before the final short trip up to the pre school.

I am sure the kids will benefit from the chiangmai toy ride group, but they won't know it straight away. What is for sure is how much they enjoyed the day with the toys, the clowns, oh and the bikes.
Then up to the Thai Burma border for a few pics. ... directlink

So apart from my babbling about how much I enjoyed the day and my thanks to all at chiangmai toy ride for organising and structuring everything there were a few riders there who like me, enjoy riding at perhaps a slower pace than many and I wondered if any of these riders of the more easy going style want to start to get together for rides?

Hope that it is ok to ask this on the forum,
interested ? then please email me

many thanks


ps still a novice at these posts and inserting pictures!