Ninja 650 R Headlights.

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  1. The bike has two headlights configured so that only one comes on on low beam and both for high beam.
    I am growing to dislike this as I am regularly being told that one light is "not working".
    Sure one can run on high beam all the time, but would be a bit unfriendly, especially at night.

    What do other owners think, and anyone thought of a workaround to have two low beams plus high when neccessary.
  2. John

    Dougal has both of his headlights(Bikes :lol:) on all the time,, he might know how it's been done
  3. Thanks George for the link, lots of interesting stuff on there. It seems that there is some sort of international agreement on newer bikes that the way to go for safety is to have one dipped beam all the time and the other light coming on for highbeam. The Kawasaki seems to have similar bulbs, one aimed a bit higher, so need to replace connector and bulb on the highbeam side with a twin element bulb and then alter the wiring to suit..
    The Yamaha FZ fix seems to be a bit easier as they already use the connectors for twin element bulbs on both sides. Probably will not fiddle with anything while bike so new, but will keep an eye open to see what becomes available as more of these bikes are sold.
  4. My Tiger is the Same John, As are most twin Headlight Bikes? I get the same comments only one working! I am not going to change it though Just take it as it is :?
  5. Hi Ian,
    I have never noticed other newer bikes are configured this way. The FJR is similar to a car, two low and two main beam. (Is your pickup the same, or like the Triumph? :D )
    I just think that the more light on when travelling in daylight the better, although I have had one pm which points out that with the one low, two for high scenario, you can flash your lights when traffic approaches and they are more likely to see you than with two on all the time.

    Of course the BMW has one light for low and an additional one for high, but they are such strange shape lights one small and one bigger that it just seems typical BMW individuality.
    Will ride the bike as is and ponder the pros and cons :?
  6. Don't worry John!

    My Fazer is same... At least someone have something to tell you viewing your bike! :roll:

  7. I'd wondered about that before - maybe BMW did this in order to avoid the perception that one of them isn't working. Make them look really different so that it's very clear that they have different purposes. Clever!
  8. Digging the deep on this i came a gross of this thought,,, it might be the LAW for a bikes as i have heard from other countries that Bikes with dual head lights are not allowed to have both of them on same time...any one else have heard about this??
  9. Yes Marco

    It is according to ECE regulation forbidden to have two low beams burning at the same time.

  10. I remember riding my japanese import XT400 in Thailand in the early 90s, the headlight came on as soon as you turned the key, like most bikes do these days. But in Thailand they were not used to that and Thai people pointed and laughed at me - that silly farang is using lights during the day! It bothered me so much that I put in an on-off switch.

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