No more Vehicle Inspection Report?

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  1. Just back from the DLT office in Pattaya, where they told me that I do not need a vehicle inspection report anymore?
    All info on the web point towards a vehicle inspection report.
    Anyone who has crossed to Cambodia from Thailand on a bike, any info most appreciated.

    Going to Nagaworld next weekend. Anyone else?
  2. Are you talking about the report required to get your annual tax? If the bike is less than 5 years old no, you don't need to get a report.
  3. No, not that one. I read somewhere that in order to take a Thai registered vehicle into Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia etc, you need a Vehicle Inspection Report that state the Thai letters in English. And DLT is supposed to this for 70 bath and the report last until the annual road tax is due.
  4. Does this help

    International Transport Permit

  5. Not needed for Cambodia or Laos. Required for Malaysia and Singapore. Not sure about other ASEAN countries...
  6. Thanks for the reply. Will see tomorrow at Hat Lek!
  7. Our club has recently been on another jaunt, on bikes, to Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville..... unfortunately I couldn't join in the fun due to on-going rehabilitation of a knee which had an argument with a rock a few months ago...... the rock won!

    All that is required for Cambodia, when you turn up at the border, is that the bike be currently legal in Thailand ie green book in your name OR have a power of attorney letter from the registered owner, and taxed. There is paperwork that needs taking care of at the border (TM 2 Information of Conveyance and TM 3 Passenger List) but the border guards will help you with this (the super friendly ones at Hat Lek always do it for us, therefore I always buy them lunch!) and away you go!
  8. Just back from 5 amazing days in Cambodia. Border crossings was just a breeze thanks to the good info and replies on this forum.
    Wed 8.5 Pattaya - Hat Lek - Sihanoukville. Good roads, some road work and gravel on the Cambodian side.
    Thu 9.5 Sihanouville - Kempot - PP. Good roads.
    The Nagaworld Bike fest! Not so much to say about that!
    Sun 12.5 PP - Siem Reap. 70 km roadworks out of PP, the rest OK.
    Mon 13.5 Siem Reap - Poi Pet - Pattaya. Very good roads on Cambodia side. On the border they asked for copy of Passport, green book and paperwork from Hat Lek. We did not have that, so the custom did all the copy work for us. Good service and smiles all around.

    Thanks for all info.

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