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  1. daewoo

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    This is a two pronged question.

    I work for Nokia, so I am now able to order FOR MYSELF any Nokia phone I like. I am tossing up between the N95 and the 6110 Navigator.

    The navigating side is only a small part of the purchase decision, since at home I open the street directory about once a year, but all things being equal, why not get the navigation side as well.

    Does anyone know which would be the better of the two???

    When I get said phone, I have a couple of trips to Thailand for work. I would like to hire a car in BKK and drive up to Kanchanaburi... I think that the Navigation capability will be important... I know that there are basically two maps available, the ESRI one and the Crocodile (or something) one... knowing that it will be only used nid noi, I think the cheap share one is what I need... will that do the job of getting me to Kanchanburi???

    I am really knew to this whole GPS/Navigator thing, which I why I am asking, as the threads revealed by searching just confuse the hell out of me...

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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Hi Mate,
    Kanchanaburi is easy to get to from Bangkok. Just Buy a Road map, Of course can use your GPS Phone as well but it is almost a straight Run. I will be going to Kanchanaburi again 25th of April for the Anzac Day Ceremonies put on by the NZ & Aus Embassies here & the Defense Departments. Great Event been the last 2 Years the Number of Us attending gets Bigger every Year. You might be able to work your work in at the same time?
  4. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    That is interesting... I have to work 23rd/24th, but 25th being a Public Holiday in Aus, I don't gotta do nothing...

    I have some mates flying into BKK from Vietnam on the 24th on their way home, so I might run the idea past them of heading up to Kanchanaburi for Anzac Day, instead of going with 'a friend' the weekend before...

    200km/3 hours... not too foul...

    I am guessing accommodation would be booked out by now???

  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Good Man :D There are a Load of Guest Houses and Hotels in Kanchanaburi so easy to find accomodation. We normally Stay at Luxury Hotel ( Great Location buy Not Luxury!!! ) I couldn't find it on a Web Search and their card has no Web Site. When i get a confirmed Number of people i will try and Book rooms and let you know.
    24th: Arrive & Party at the local bars etc.
    25th: Up about 3:30am ( that's if you got to Bed Yet. ) and out to Hellfire Pass for the Dawn Service. Back to the Hotel for Breakfast and a little sleep then up at 12 and on to the Service at the War Cemetery. When that finishes some Free Beers Compliments of the Aus & NZ Government then time to Party, Massage and bars etc.
    26th: Up at your leisure and head home! We will take our time this year and stop somewhere on the way. See you there!!! :wink:
  6. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer


    Please keep me updated (either on here or via pm, or email)...

    I have to work on Thursday, but am thinking of jumping in a hire car or a train to get up there Thursday night... My mates have dipped out, so it would probably be me by myself.

    Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII, as well as my great uncles, one of whom was in Changi, and paid dearly for the rest of their lives. I would really like to payy my respects to the old diggers...

    LUXURY HOTEL/ โรงแรมลักซ์เซอรี่
    284/1-5 SAENGCHUTO RD., TEL. 511168,512494
    20 rooms 350-800/room


  7. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    I will book you a room with us Darryl. Train is cheap but i am unsure of the Schedule so if you can check it out or else just Hire a Taxi if you can afford it? A few Beers at night then the big Day 25th. A good Experience. Looking forward to seeing you there. E-mail me your number privately if you want so we can contact there. Mine is 086-2727215.

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