Nong Khai - Nan

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by ernothai, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. ernothai

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    Maybe I just did not search thoroughly enough, but I did not find anything about the trip from Nong Khai along the mekong first via Chiang Khan to Na Haeo and then north along the Lao border. Somebody done this trip? Thanks Dieter
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  3. globalgypsy

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    The wife and I have done it several times, too. It is one of our favorite rides. We usually stay overnight in Na Haeo and then ride through along the Mekong.
    We never leave the river, even when the road signs tell you to turn right. There is always a concrete road along the river and those old roads are so much more beautiful for scenery.
    Watch out for huge potholes though and lots of gravel, but overall, it's pretty safe, if you adjust your speed to the conditions.

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  4. danwhite

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    The road out of Chiang Khan going west along the river is potholed but ok. After that fine. If you have time a swing south through Loei is worthwhile. Really nice area.

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