Nong Khai / Vientiane Friendship Bridge Crossing 25th May 2014

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    G'day All,

    Crossed over the Friendship Bridge today.

    Quick update as Saturday there was a lot of speculation and various news reports about crossing the bridge.
    - No Laos can cross
    - Crossing Closed
    - Thai's can't cross
    - 150 People the military are after can't cross.

    Today was a breeze.

    - The border was very quiet.. Not the normal Sunday afternoon crush.
    - Lao vehicles crossing over
    - Thai vehicles crossing over the bridge the other way.

    Arrived at the Thai side.. Very quiet..
    No change except a couple of soldiers checking your passport and confirming it really is you with the picture.

    No other military except for at the entrance on the Thai side.. Also checking documents then allowing the vehicles to proceed.

    The soldier smiled and said Thank you in English.. Done.

    1.30pm left central Vientiane after lunch with the guys.
    2.20pm riding out of the Thai side heading to Udon.
    2.50pm arrived at Kawa Udon..

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  3. Moto-Rex

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    Good to hear an update from someone who's gone through the process first hand.

    Thanks for the update.


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