Nong Khiew to the Laos-Vietnamese border at Na Son and back.

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  1. The ride. Out and back from Nong Khiew. 50kms Tar, 230kms Good dirt surface. Magic scenery and villages with the lure of the border at the half way mark.

    GPS Track here.

    There had been a lot of rain in Nong Khiew, and only two nights before it had rained none stop for 8 hours, and the Nam Ou river that flows past my river side bungalow had risen over a metre in two days, so I wasn’t all that confident on making it to Na Son and the Vietnamese border.

    But after eating a banana pancake at the CT restaurant and with the sky looking a little dark in the distance, I decided to give it a go anyway.


    I had no idea what the track would be like with all the rain, but it was in surprisingly good conduction.

    There were a few muddy spots but nothing to worry about, and a reminder of how the easiest tracks can change with a heavy down pour.

    Some young fellas with their take away food stall.



    Impressive road side market that sold almost everything.

    About 30km from the border, you get to the town of Vang Xieng where you can get fuel.
    You could make this ride a two day trip if you wanted to take your time, as there are at least two guesthouses in Vang Xieng.


    Great scenery from Vang Xieng to the border.




    It was a bit cloudy, but still nice though here.

    Happy locals

    The closer to Vietnam you get, the more mountainous it becomes.

    I turned around a bend, and there was the maker that showed the point where Laos meets Vietnam.

    The Laos side.

    And the Vietnamese side.


    As there was no one about, I rode into Vietnam for a look.
    In the distance is what looks like a customs building under construction.
    I still hadn’t seen anyone so I kept riding until I thought, what if I come across a Vietnamese official or soldier that’s having a bad day, I’m in their country illegally, and they could quiet easily make me stay a lot longer than I might want too. And although playing the “dumb lost tourist that doesn’t understand” has worked wonders in the past. I decided it was best to turn back to Laos, and not press my luck.

    Back to the maker to get a few touristy photos.

    The KLX, front wheel in Vietnam, back wheel in Laos.


    I also played the one foot in Vietnam, and one foot in Laos game, and of course I couldn’t leave without doing the one knacker in Vietnam, and one Knacker in Laos, before starting the long ride back.

    The ride back was good as the rain had stayed away.


    How long could this girl and her little brother kept a straight face for a photo.

    Only the little fella was able to keep the poker face.


    Great days ride, but I should have left earlier and took a bit more time, and of course the day was completed with a Beer Laos by the Nam Ou, on the new sunset deck at CT restaurant.

  2. Great report and photos.. But isn't the left and right knacker picture missing ;-)
  3. Thanks Moto Rex,
    ,Going to Na Son from Nong Kiaw has been one of my intended rides for some years now but I had no
    info about being able to stay overnight en route.
    You answer everything.Now I know I'll go next Winter.
    At CT, did you stay in their new rooms below the restaurant?
    Cheers, Lung.
  4. Great report as always M-R; you have a knack of capturing the moment.
  5. All the nature feeling. Thanks for the report.
    Correct me if I am wrong: Bike entry between Laos and Vietnam is very easy, in comparison with Cambodia and Vietnam. Same thing for cars.
  6. Nice report MR :)
  7. Good going Rex. I liked the marker. I haven't run across one quite that elaborate before. It looks like an interesting ride.
  8. Terrific pix & report Moto-Rex, once of the first, if not first reports I have seen for that road & border crossing.

    I really like this photo

    it must have been quite an eerie feeling being out there alone on that deserted border crossing too.
    Well done.
  9. hey, anyone tried to cross the border here into vietnam?
    At the consulate at Luang Prabang they say it is an international border crossing now.
    I want to try it tommorow or day after but a bit worries about the rain the last days.
  10. tried it myself. very nice ride but no crossing the border. only locals.

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