North Loop ?

Oct 3, 2007
I'm planning to do this trip in the following days.

23rd - Vientianne - Paxan

24th,25th - Paxan - Phonsavan

26th - Phonsavan - Samnua

27th - Samnua - Nongkhiew

28th - Nongkhiew - Pakbeng

29th - Pakbeng - saynhaboury

30th - Saynhaboury- Luang prabang

Anybody did the section between Samnua - Nongkhiew

I need some info about this, duration, terrain to expect etc etc.

And about the section Paxan - Phonsavan ,

I heard it's about 2 days offroad. But what type of offroad? and is it a lot muddy lately?

About the other routes I think the timing is good. Luang prabang , is it possible to make a visa for VIETNAM? cos I'm planning to fly form here to HANOI....


Nov 17, 2004

The road between Pakxan and Phonsavan is dry according to last week's report from a friend. Buses are making the run now. 1 day but you can stay overnight in Thathom if you like. It's just a dirt road, nothing technical except for one or two places where there might be some standing water.

Xam Nua to Nong Khiew is pretty easy as well, the road is in descent shape but not perfect. It is a bit small in some sections and the first hour or so out of Xam Nua is a bit twisty. It's about 320 km and possible in one day, leaving early out of Xam Nua. My last time doing it was 8.5 hours with quite a few stops and it was in summer when the sun was a bit longer in the sky.

To get a visa for VN, you can in LPQ as there is a consulate office there they send the passport to VTE for the actual visa so it will take 3 - 4 days, we can help you on this is you like to speed it up. Give us an email.

Oct 3, 2007
Thanks JIMI for the visa tip. I fixed it from Vientiane and will be waiting for me in Luang Prapang..

Am now in Ponsavan.....enjoyed the road in the jungle, at one secyion got lost amd came to a huge river that cannot be crossed due to fast stream.
Had to go back about 10K.... met lots of people with kalashnikov., overnight I stayed in a small village, I think It's Thathom..Got too friendly with police over here and ended up doing a night of drinking....

anyway...tomorrow off to northj easth...will see what comes.