Northern Thailand - 27th of December 2014 - January 14th, 2015

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  1. Hi to all of you,

    it has taken quite a while to get a go for our plans.

    3 of us plan to start our trip in Chiang Mai. We have time for 12 days riding. Would you suggest us any specific route ? We have planned already a route but you guys have the experience since many of you live in that region. I really hope you guys can assist us a lot.

    First issue is to rent a bike in chiang Mai. I have seen the homepage of Mr. Mechanics but most of you recommend the pop rental. Problem is, all the links take me to a car rental site. Anyoneof you has an email address or URL where we can get in touch with those guys ? We like to rent 3 X Versys 650 ABS.

    Hope there is a chance to meet many of you in Chiang Mai. May be it is possible to have a together ride ????
  2. Hi Rudi,
    You still have plenty of Time to plan Your Trip so keep an eye on the Trip reports and pick out the bits You want to see? I would suggest the Samoeng Loop first to get accustomed to your Bike and the Roads. Then the Mae Hong Song Loop. Followed by a Ride up to the Golden Triangle. Nan and up to Loei? That should cover Your Bases and probably Your Time of 12 Days? let us know just before You arrive and We can meet up? I am about 18kms out of Chiang Mai Town in Mae Rim. There are a Few Guys living out this side and We meet up regularly. There are others who no doubt will meet up with You in Town? Look forward to seeing You all and I am sure everyone will have a Great Trip!
  3. Thanks for responding Ian. Well, I know there is plenty of time left and of course I will take an eye on the forum but time flies by :)

    One big question is, where to rent the 3 X Versys. ? Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Try [email protected]. (best bet)
    +66 86 911 1218 (1st choice for phone)
    +66 53 276 660
    +66 81 033 2929


    Pop certainly has the biggest range, and I have dealt with him for up to 8 bikes at a time on several occasions, but the downside with Pops is that there is no insurance.

    I believe that Tony's Big Bikes (search this site) do insurance with theirs.

    Have fun,
  5. Thank you. Thats very helpfull :smile1:
    I have sent an email to Tonys Big Bike but no response so far....
  6. Flights are booked and the bikes as well. We just have changed our location where we wonna start and end our trip.
    Instead of Chiang Mai, we will choose Chiang Rai.
    Flights are booked with Thai and the bikes are rented at Brian from CRBIGBIKERENTALS.
    Brian, since I have recognized you here on the forum: Thanks for the deal. Highly appreciated.:thumbup:
  7. Good plan. It is what I plan to do next time. I think this will become a much more popular option in the years ahead. Lots to do/see and good rooms in the CR region without the traffic, megatourist scene, competing for bikes etc that can be the case in CM.
  8. And of course stay tuned for my North Thailand trip report!!
    (just gotta finish the Laos report)
  9. Thanks for your advices so far. Highly appreciated. Thanks.

    We have started with our trip planning. The Forum was very helpfull for that, for sure:happy1:.

    What I would like to do is, to post our planned route on the forum. Will do that in various steps and would like to listen to your comments and recommondations.
  10. Just a quick question before. Since we will go there by end of December/January, what will be the best riding gear to wear. Summer jackets might be not the best choice. What do you think ?
  11. Thanks for the info, Marcel. This is what we expect.
    Does it makes sense to go over with some small luggage and shop around for shirts and jeans ? Not sure if they carry "European XXL sizes" at the markets:lol-sign:
  12. Thanks Marcel. Very helpfull indeed.

    Since many of our planned trips will go around Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, I would like to ask you guys about your opinion for the following hotels.

    In Chiang Rai we intend to stay at Bens Guesthouse
    In Chiang Mai we plan to stay at the Rainforest Boutique Hotel

    What do you think about the hotels. Recommended from your side ?
  13. I will contact the Bannmalai and check the room rates and availability. Thanks so far.

    We will arrive on December 28. The first two days we will stroll around in the area and will become acclimate.

    Our first riding day is supposed for December 30
    Trip idea:
    Chiang Rai - Tachilek, Shan-Staat, Myanmar - Doi Luang District- Chiang Rai

    Every recommondation or ideas for every planned route is for sure welcome from my side.
  14. With the rental bikes it is not allowed to cross any border but we would like to take the opportunity to have a look at the border and of course we would like to go along the Mekong River. Are there any "Must see" points along the route ?

  16. Might I suggest don't get the el cheapo dustmasks you see most of the Thai people wear,invest a few more baht in a painters type mask with a one way valve on it.
    Think I paid about 59 baht from Home Pro for mine.
    Lasted a few days,had plenty of airflow and didn't fog my glasses up.
  17. Big thumbs down for that road,very dusty,slippery after the water truck has just been through.
    But Chiang Saen is a highlight,quite a weird and unusual sight to see half the towns population out along the river front doing exercises,Tai Chi and a strange form of aerobics for older Thai women....wish I had a video camera when I stayed the night there.

  18. I have changed that on our planning but we would do a bit less on kilometers because we would really like to stop often for taking pictures. Generally we have mostly around 200 kilometers a day. What do you think about this one ?
    Chiang Rai - Mae Sai – Golden Triangle - Wat Huai Sak Nong Pa Ko - Chiang Rai
  19. Mouth watering reports and pictures. Thanks for the links and your recommondations once again.
    I will keep the cup of coffee in mind, Marcel. Thanks - highly appreciated:smile1:
  20. Planning for the 31st,2014

    We wanted to go from chiang Rai to chiang Mai. Which way is the nices. Is the best and nicest way on the 118 or is it better to stay on the 1 and catch up with the 118 later ?

    And another important question;). Are there any festivities around Chiang Mai for New Years Eve ? May be a party of the GT Riders that we can join ?8)
  21. Have a question to you guys.

    How is population of Mosquitos at the end of December/early January ?
    I hate those nasty insects doesn`t matter if they are in Germany, Italy or elsewhere on the world.
  22. G'Day, NaiHao, Kia Ora, Sawasdee Khup,

    I rode a CB500X Jan-Feb '14 for approx 7 weeks, including a few days with a PCX150 scoot thrown in for good measure, all round and through Northern Thailand, clocking up approximately 15000km in the process. Shared the experience with a mate who also rode a CB500X and PCX150, but he was there 4 months - lucky bastard! I'm/we're heading back this coming December-Jan-Feb riding our own bikes from China - Laos - Thailand.

    There are multiple police check points as you will discover. Most of the time, the police manning them will just wave you through, especially if they can see you are a foreigner (Farang). Sometimes they might stop you, and mostly just chat, where are you from, where you going, where you been etc. Some check points are not manned/staffed, some are only staffed during the day or night. Smile, be friendly and it will usually get you a long way. Occasionally they might ask to see your Passport, especially if you are riding near a border which are mostly manned by the military. The Northwest loop on 1314 between Mae Ai and Fang, can only be completed during certain hours of the day (7-9am or 4-6pm), otherwise one has to ride in from each end. The reason is that the section of road that is controlled by military check points, is due to the proximity with Myanmar. At these check points details of Passports are recorded.

    In relation to the question about a route CR - CM, there are several possibilities:

    • Instead of riding South, ride North up the 1 (Hwy 1), turn left onto the 1089 at Mae Chan, ride East, Southeast through Mae Ai, into Fang the 1089 turns into the 107 all the way to CM. But, and a big but, there are lots of loops you could add onto both the 1089/107 along the way. All are worth doing IMO, even worth doing the opposite way round too as you will see the sights and road from a different perspective. Lots and I mean lots, of stopping points along the way too. 2. Head South on the 1, out of CR. Turn right onto 1211 just out of CR (the white temple). After the temple continue along the 1211, you can also turn right onto the no exit 1208 to the water fall. Back out on the 1211 heading West Southwest, eventually you will come to a very sharp left turn at Nong Pak Huat. The road also continues straight ahead (though 1211 turns to the sharp left here). Go straight off of 1211. Follow this little detour off 1211, it connects to the 118. Turn right to head South. Keep a look out for Charen Resort Cafe on the left hand side. Importantly though along this stretch through some nice twists and turns, the road surface can be a bit suss as the road has groves on the surface which can make the bike feel unsettled and a little slippy all good though. Make sure to stop at the cafe. After-which you could continue riding down South on the 118 to CM.. (side note: riding North further up from the 1089 turnoff, there are many, many loops, water falls, caves (one called Big Cave, is 7km in length and worth exploring, take spare clothes, torch, and a good sense of direction) though Big Cave is closed during the wet season as cave floods - cave should be open/dry during Dec-Mar/April.
    • After the Charin Resort Cafe, head down 118 to Mae Suai turn right onto 109 towards Fang. Lots to stop at on this road, and the ride is pretty darn good, lots of twisty sections. Many photos ops on the way and some detours are possible off road to villages etc. Watch it when you get up to the higher elevation as there is a section where sand lays on the road from sandstone off the mountainside. There are also areas from this point heading West where there are a few sections of dirt/gravel on corners. Once you come down out of the mountain ranges, you will pass through numerous villages which are right by the roadside. Eventually you will ride over a bridge and get to a T junction where there is a police check point. There is a small bypass at the police check point on the Fang side to the left, pretty easy to navigate from the check point at Huai Khrai, to Mae Soon, but if you miss it and continue on the 109, no worries, the 109 will exit out onto the 107. Turn left here. Proceed South on the 107. Stop at the Esso service station, on the left after Mae Soon, as there is a great little cafe (Maple Cafe) at the Esso service station site, that is hard to beat... English speaking staff (well some of them), menu in English, meals to order and all cakes and pies are made on the premises and very affordable prices - I stopped there 1, no 10, no 100 ... well better I don't write about that. Proceed down the 107 to CM, or...
    • After Mae Soon, turn left after Rong Tan onto 1346. Careful the turn is easy to miss. The 1346 is less travelled. It will bring you out on the 1150 near Phrao. You could then turn right onto 1150 towards 107 or take the 1001 South from Phrao to CM. Again lots of side loops here, or,
    • After Mae Soon stay on the 107 until Ping Khong and turn left onto the 1150 riding West. Either ride the 1150 all the way through to the 118 then turn right riding South to CM on the 118, or,
    • After Mae Soon stay on the 107 until Ping Khong and turn left onto the 1150 riding West then turn right on the 1001 South from Phrao to CM.
    Seriously lots of choices... so many...
    Might see you riding in North Thailand in January. A mate will ride from China-CR beginning December and I will ride from China-CR beginning January which is 3000km+ from here to there for me.
  23. Well, time is getting closer and we are keen to get the trip started :)

    If anyone of the Forum is interested to meet us, you can catch us at Bens Guesthouse in Chiang Rai from December 29 - December 31st, 2014
    or at the Rainforest 'Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai from December 31st,2014 - Janury 3rd, 2015
    or again at Bens Guesthouse in Chiang Rai from Janury 9 - Janary 13, 2015

    Is there any special place for the 31st of December 2014 in Chiang Mai which you would recommend to us

    As mentioned earlier, it will be fantistic to meet some of you guys in person.

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