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    I am just back from a 8 days and 2170km trip of “The Northern Thailand Loop”, starting in Khon Kaen and with a bit of sight seeing via Nakhon Thai first to Lampang. A easy part of trip with beautiful roads going thru Nam Nao National Park and passing the country side of Nakhon Thai to Uttaradit. From there via route 11 to Lampang with its twisty highway thru the mountains.


    From Lampang I took the long way home to Chiang Mai via “Chae Son National Park”. First passing the beautiful country side north of Lampang along route 1157 with rice fields and small villages and then an beautiful road thru the mountains of Chae Son.

    I did stay in Chiang Mai for 2 days and had new Avon Distanzia’s fitted to my bike at “Cockpit” service-station near the airport. Great and professional service!

    From Chiang Mai I headed north to Chiang Dao, to make a little loop north-west of Chiang Dao via route 1322 and 1178. Beautiful and good roads .... well only not the last part of the loop passing Ban Kae Noi. It started with a reasonble good road, that became worse and worse and turned into a very wide dirt-trail with gravel and stones. Not a fun ride on the Versys and being alone. It went all the way thru the mountains for about 25km and then became better again for 10km. Then the road condition changed by the 100m from good to bad.

    I made a few dead-end detours to old border crossings to Burma and then made my way do Doi Ang Khang where it was very busy. The next day I took the beautiful route 1249 to route 107 in direction of Mae Salong. Wow, has that place changed in the past 10years! There is an 7-11! From here I did go all the way to Hua Mae Kham where I did get lost in small and steep roads in the little villages. From there it was back to Chiang Rai via route 1130 and route 1.

    From Chiang Rai I did go via route 1152 to route 1020 to take the amazing beautiful short-cut between route 1020 and route 1155. Too bad that at the most spectacular moments the road was to steep to stop and make photos. From there I made a little loop of route 1155 and route 1093 passing Phu Chi Fah and had lunch in a Chinese village along the way.


    From there I did go in direction of Chiang Kham and took route 1148 in direction of Nan. But I did stay overnight at Song Kwae and made an trip to the border area the next morning and then returned to Chiang Klang via Wiang Kae. From Chiang Klang I took route 1080 to the international Thai-Lao border and then route 1081 and 1307 to the Phu Phayak. Dead-end again ... so back to route 1081 to go to Bo Klua.


    From Bo Klua I took route 1081 to Santisuk and route 1225 to Mae Charim and via some short-cuts to Wiang Sa and then to Na Noi to take route 1083 to Chet Ton and route 1268 to Na Heao. From there to Dan Sai for an overnight at “PhuNaCome Resort”. The last day just an easy and straight ride home via route 203 and route 12.




    Have a look at my full report with photos at
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    Inserting the link to the picture I do understand but pressing the "insert" button above ..... maybe I am blind or Safari works different but I do not see an insert button.
    Oooo wait no buttom but just an begin and end IMG marker ....

    As of the Avon Distanzias .... they feel much better on asphalt as the MT60s and just as good on gravel and a little bit mud. On gravel you do notice that small stones tend to "shoot" away a bit more as with the MT60s (but not surprise to that). On the road the Avon Distanzia's seem to feel the lines & markers a bit more.

    The compound feels very soft so I wonder how much km's they will last.

    Chang Noi
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    I think Chang Noi might be on to something.. Using Safari on Mac here and don't see any insert image...

    If you use Photo Bucket you can click on the link and paste.. all the formatting you need to show the pic is already there.


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