Norway-Singapore on 70 year old bikes

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  1. King Croesus

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    Dear motorbrothers,

    Me and my friend is on the way from Norway to Singapore on sidecar equipped Nimbus motorcycles from the thirties. Right now we are in Istanbul, and we will head for Iran tomorrow.

    You can find information on the trip, the bikes, and a blog at Link removed The blog is not updated in English edition due to technical problems, but it will be up to date within a few days as the problem is soved now.

    I'm especially intersted in info on getting in and out of Myanmar, the only thing I know is that it's hard. The link to the English couple that did it seems to not work. I'm sure it's doable, and I fear nothing but the taxman in this world. However, I have not time to sit in a Myanmar-joint too long this days as I'm in a hurry. So, if any man in this land, help King Croesus can.... please do it...

    Best Regards,

    Tormod Amlien

    Tormod Amlien
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  3. King Croesus

    King Croesus New Member

    Just btw, most of the blog is updated with pictures now. Belarus, Chernobyl, Crimea and the boat trip to Turkey.

    Tormod Amlien
  4. buebo

    buebo Active Member

    Afaik yu will probably be able to get your bikes into Burma, but not to drive through it...
  5. ouah...what a trip !

    great bike...why don't you pass by Vientiane, I would like to have a ride together with my side car BMW 1939 R70....
    I tried to send you e mail through your website but didn't work, do you have an other mail to send your fotos.

    see you

    jean louis

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