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Sep 7, 2009
This is the first time I have done a post here so please forgive errors and give advice where possible.

Here is the background;
For a couple of years now a few of my ex workmates pop over here from England for Loy Krathong and we have a jolly good time. This year following the festival the group split with some going to Cambodia, Laos etc leaving 2, CJ and Ian, here in chiangmai. I knew 1 was a keen biker but I have no idea that the other had a bike licence. I was pleasently suprised to find this out and that a bide would be "on" even though CJ qualified the trip with a note of "it will be my first time on a bike for 30 years or more" so easy going was to be the order of the day. A 3 night, 4 (ish) day trip was taken, preceeded by a trip to Pops hire (who I have always found trouble free) who furnishes us with a couple of kawa 250's for 650 baht per day. The price included insurance and helmets but the helmets were preety crap so the boys went and bought some new ones.

sorry I have no idea how to add photos to the topic!
Day 1
Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

1317>121>107>X centre for breakfast
x centre>107>chiangdao cave
chiangdao cave>107>109>118>chiangrai>laluna hotel (very nice 1400b/night inc breakfast)
about 300 km
Following a nice full brekfast in the x centre we enjoyed the road to chiangdao, they still have the roadworks just before chiangdao but other than that it is a nice ride and a good entry to north thailand roads for someone that had not ridden for a few years. As Ian and CJ had never been into the cave we took some time to do that before setting off for chiangrai. the original plan was to call into chiangdao nest for lunch but we were all still full from breakfast.
the 109 took us over some good views of the hills with some windy bends and road surfaces that caused a stir now and again as momentary grip was lost but the steady pace ensured everyone enjoyed the ride and it ws pretty much nonstop then to the hotel in chiangrai. the hotel was chasen dure to previous experience, it isnt cheap in thai terms butthe rooms are good and the food is not bad as well but most importantly the staff are nice and my brit friends like the 3 for 2 happy hour to try the various magarita varieties there.

Day 2
Chiang Rai to Golden Triangle

chiang rai> maesai (1)
mae sai> golden triangle (1290) about 150km

day 2 was a very easy ride, and very enjoyable with lots of views to take in and all the time needed at this pace. the BIB did decide we were taking a liberty at maesai when we parked up close to them by the customs post and started to take photos and movies but how were we to know? we are farangs after all. The planned trip to the opium museum was foiled by the old "closed on monday ploy" so we had a leasurely meal by the river then went on a hunt for somewhere to stay finally plumping for De River boutique etc which gave us large river view rooms at 1500baht including breakfast. the rooms ad view were good and the staff were nice but the bar/cafe closed at 9pm (although the girls did ask if we wnted to go to the karaoke with them 1km away) and there is a huge amount of insect life at night.

Day 3
golden triangle to phrayao 1016>1 about 150km
another very easy and pleasurable ride even with coffee stops. Strange place phrayao, it comes across as very thai with not much tourism and yet it has this lovely lake and other things worth visiting around it.
we booked into the gateway hotel at 1000baht a room for a king size double bed. the twin singles option was cheaper at 800baht. prices included tax and breakfast (for 2 as they were double rooms, they gave you 2 tickets if you needed them or not) they told us the bar opened at 8 which was a little concerning so we went out to eat and found a great place by the lake where the food was fantastic. at 8 we went back to the hotel and I went to the karaoke bar whist Ian and CJ played a few games of snooker on 1 of their 6 full sized tables (2 of which are in private rooms)

Day 4
phrayao to chiang mai 1>120>118

another easy ride and a very enjoyable, the 120 is a great road with no suprises and lovely scenery. We called at chiangrai hot springs on the way back for coffee and I am sure they have moved the spring(?)

so thats about it! I would have liked each day to have been a little further but we wanted those overnight points and I dont know enough of here to think of interesting detours etc so any help welcome as is how to include pictures!


Sep 7, 2009
I know this is a pretty old report but I have only just uploaded the video to utube. here it is :oops:
[youtube:2xlt7xoo] /youtube:2xlt7xoo]