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    Still playing catch up, this was from the end of November 2010.
    There are some places you go to and some you return to. In this case my friend Ian, over from the UK and I decided to revisit a trip we had done earlier, more or less. Definitely worth it and the little variations from the first time of roughly doing this trip made it more interesting.

    The route was Chiang Mai>107>1150>118>1>1016>1290 overnight stay >1290>1016>1>120>118>3005>1317>Chiang Mai.
    Pictured below.
    The Google map link is;,99.61853&spn=2.153796,4.22699&t=h&z=9

    Ian had hired a Kawasaki d-tracker 250 earlier for some off road days and swapped it for an er6n. We originally intended to hire from Mr Mechanic a they offer full insurance but they were out of bikes so he hired from Pops. We have never had problems with Pops but the lack of full insurance is a concern. Why? I have problems believing the Kawasaki don't do it story when it is available from Mr Mechanic.
    So off we went, possibly feeling a little worse for wear following a last night out with other friends. As usual our first way point was for breakfast and as we were going north we had decided that Chiang Dao Nest would be out first stop.
    Chiang Dao Nest.
    For anyone who likes English breakfast, this is THE place to go and I particularly recommend the sausage especially a really good sausage, English style, is so difficult to come by over here.
    Refreshed we progressed north a little until we came to the 1150 where we took a right to head east. The last time we did the similar route we went up to Fang and took the 109. Of the 2 I probably prefer the 1150.
    We pretty much rode together until Phrao but following that we set off at our own pace allowing for the differences in riding styles and bikes as well as the stopping to look etc to take place. We met again at the junction of the 118 and headed north calling first for fuel then for coffee and cakes at the Doi Chaang just less than 30km from the junction.
    From the 118 we took the 1 through Chiang Rai and northwards until the junction with the 1016. There are roadworks at the start of this route and if they follow the normal Thai timetable they will be there for a while. Of course the speed limits and no overtaking signs were observed by everyone. Once you are past the road works this is a nice road, I like the villages it goes through. We turned left and rode north parallel to the Mekong for a few km until we came to the De River Boutique resort. We had stayed there before and even though the place virtually shuts down by 10pm, quite enjoyed it.
    we managed to get the rooms down to 1200b/night inc breakfast for a river view but that was as far as they would go. Having agreed the rate we parked up.
    Here is a look at the bedroom/bathroom.
    Showered and refreshed we wandered down to the bar and the restaurant area which is right on the banks of the Mekong.
    Laos has resort casinos virtually opposite, they look better at night.

    Not long after, 9 (post dinner which was OK but not great) there was a marked drop off in service level so having difficulty in getting served we moved into the bar. We did get served largely because we decided to help ourselves and seeing this someone got up and actually served us. 30mins later, the one and only bar staff come waitress was jacket on ready to go when some more guests came in, bugger, she will have to work a little longer.
    Following a pretty good nights sleep we rose for breakfast.
    Then off we set. I cant say I will be using the De River much from now on.
    Our route basically backtracked on the 1290, 1016, 1 until we called for a look at Wat Rong Khun and a coffee, there are a number of places to get a good coffee at the wat.
    Continuing down to Phayao we arrived at our favourite food stop in the city for some of their fantastic prawns. I have featured these so many times I wont put a photo of them on this thread.
    Heading back we continued south for the 10 or so km until the turn onto the 120, another of my favourite roads. Here again we decided to do the go at your own pace thing again, agreeing to meet at the Chiang Rai hot springs on the 118.
    What I didn't expect to see was cars parked by the road, guys with guns and bound prisoners sat down.
    I know it isn't a great photo but I decided it was not a good idea to stop...
    Back onto the 118 we continued towards Chiang Mai but rather than taking the 118 all the way we took the 3005 which becomes the 1317 through the wonderful villages and countryside to get home. I have done a separate thread on these roads called small ride east of Chiang Mai.
    So that was it, an enjoyable 2 day ride, easy going, good food and the occasional surprise.
    Happy biking

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