NSR 150 - Any good?

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  1. I've been in Thailand for about a month now and I got to say these are some of the best roads that I've been on. S-Curve after s-curve, I love it. Unfortunately, my rental is a Honda Dream (first an old 100, now a newer 125) which is making me really miss my Versys back home.

    I am thinking about buying a small sport bike to use for the next few months. I want to see if I can keep it under 60,000 baht. Last Sunday I went to the Mae Jo, Chiang Mai market and saw several NSR150s for 35,000 or less. Honestly, it seems too good to be true considering the prices for other bikes that I have seen. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for another bike?

  2. 35'000 sounds quite expensive for a NSR150 unless maybe it's the NSR150SP model. I had use of a NSR150RR for a while, great little bike with massive grin factor. Went like a scalded cat, handled great and stopped on a sixpence. You'll probably struggle to find one that hasn't been thrashed to within an inch of it's life and maintained badly. An alternative would be the CBR150, loads of them around and a more sensible (boring) prospect to purchase than the NSR. Personaly I'd go for the NSR everytime, cant beat the adrenaline rush you get from a highly tuned 2 stroke.
  3. Welcome northeast to site. I saw there was a NSR150 for sale outside Pirates Cove bar and resturant 250 metres
    west of Tonys Big Bike Hire shop - its a bit stuffed needs some work price was around 8000 baht I think approx 3 weeks ago. It belongs to Fat Mark the previous owner.

    Cheers Ken F

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