O Ring Chain Maintance

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  1. You have metal to metal contact between the chain and sprockets what is the proper proceedure using this type of chain?
  2. Ray it is the same as any chain with the exception that you make sure that any cleaning agents or lubricants are compatible with O or X ring chains, usually stated on the can. Also maybe, (not that you would), don't use a pressure washer or compressed air on the chain, you may blast out the lubrication that should be held in by the o-rings, or even damage the rings themselves.
  3. Ya I'm defintely to cheap to buy one of thse machines :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  4. I usually use either WD40 or Paraffin to clean the chain with a rag then spray on Chain wax or similar product.
  5. Chain Wax that sound interesting where can you find that, never seen it so I don't have a clue? From Udon I will probably have to order it.

    Sure would like to avoid what I just cleaned off this puppy.
  6. Ray...^^ you never know someone might get ya some as a wedding pressent for you upcoming party... sadly i can not attend as i'm working but have a good one. Allan
  7. Arh, use an automatic chain oiler.

    I use a Scottoiler
    on the AT

    But would not mind one of these Pro Oilers

    Also informative is this article
    http://www.webbikeworld.com/t2/motorcyc ... s-2008.htm

    This Dupont Teflon sounds ok too
    http://www.webbikeworld.com/t2/motorcyc ... n-lube.htm

    But I would not mind trying this Klotz KLR Motorcycle chain lube
    http://www.webbikeworld.com/t2/motorcyc ... hain-lube/

    supposedly with Bangkok distributors

    22 Sukumvit 101 Punvithi 24
    Banchak, Phrakanog
    Bangkok Thailand
    668 1 8084814

    12/12/Moo 11 Latphrao-WangHin
    Bangkok Thailand
    662 570 43213
    http://www.helmetcamera.com/acart/agora ... e_Packages

    150 south Bridge Road
    #02-22 Fook Hai Building

    might be worth following up for someone down that way?
  8. Darn I didn't even know that existed David.I saw a spray the mechanic uses on his Motocross bikes today he gets it in Bangkok said three & one thought I would give it a try. His chain looked squeaky clean.
  9. Kerosene is best for cleaning chains, I heard it's safe for O rings.

    Used a Scottoiler before, works fine but it's messy.

    Now using the Dupont Teflon dry lube. No mess at all and seems to work fine.
  10. I was told Kerosene was the main ingredient WD 40, that Lubricant is in Bangkok I'm in business thanks.
  11. Where do you manage to find that ? Details please...
  12. siinthai, I had to order the Teflon lube from the states...however there should be something similar available here. Perhaps a chain wax type lubricant.

    ray23, sure lots of people use WD40 to clean chains. I don't think that would cause any problems (haven't heard of any), may even be more convenient.
  13. Hey Packy you got any of this stuff for sale might as well keep it in the family. :wink:
  14. You just have to be careful not to use to much or use the straw as that blows the compressed air to fast which can blow the grease out the o-ring. There are a few decent chain oil's here in Thailand i used a Putoline one which was pretty good.
  15. Thanks I think that is what the mechanic is using, he gets it in Bangkok. I have Asked him to order some for me. I'll start checking the suppliers around here and see if I get lucky.
  16. Ray. Get the non fling oil. I also tried the blue wax stuff but that was crap. looked pretty but didn't seem to do a good job on the chain. Allan

    Are you going to make it down to the Thaivisa bike weekend?
  17. Chain wax is made by Many companies , Castrol ,Wurth etc

    Kerosene/paraffin =same stuff (thais call it NAM MUN GART sold in many hardware stores) do not use gasoline it will damage O rings.
  18. Agree 100% on the pretty - pink or blue - coloured Putoline stuff: absolute crap!
  19. Agree 100% on the pretty - pink or blue - coloured Putoline stuff: absolute crap!
    YES, agree also by proving it out! Recently burnt my chain a nice gold brown, well doing 700km's over 2 days, that started out nice, clean and blue. Was mad, but stopped at a shop in CR to have it cleaned and lubed for the ride home.

    Was tempted to leave it as is and have Kawasaki buy me a new chain, as that was the first time that they have done mine. So no to the blue at the Kawasaki Chiang Mai shop.
  20. I'm using the blue Putoline "Ceramic chain wax" and I'm quite happy with it. Don't understand what the fuzz is about.
  21. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Sonax chain wax yet, you get it everywhere. Don't confuse it with the orange bottle, the chain wax bottle has a picture of a chain on it and is smaller and black. Only the stuff is so sticky it attracts dirt and builds up, but works great. 120 THB for a small bottle.
  22. Sonax chain wax. I've been using it for many years. Seems to do the job. Comes in a black tin.
    I also use CRC white lithium grease (from true value) if I am storing a bike.
  23. Whilst my AT has been off the road for an engine overehaul, Backdoorphil has very generously lent me his BMWF650 for use.
    One of the things that Phil gave me to use with the bike was some chain lube....



    White lithium grease in an aerosol can, sourced from HomePro I believe.


    Does anyone have experience or ideas on this particular product, because I'm not convinced it is that great as a chain lube.
  24. I found that stuff tends to fling all over the place. :(

    This is what I am trying now. Reminds me of a really nice Teflon chain lube I used back in the day called Tri-Flow. Home Pro has it.


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