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    Hello, I'm arriving in HCMC in October and looking to buy a bike and head through Vietnam to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia; Returning to Vietnam to sell the bike before I fly out. I am planning around 2-3 months for trip from start to finish which from what I have read so far seems like enough time to cover all four countries? Having read through some of the posts on here it seems somewhat of a logistical nightmare regarding visas and being allowed to take bikes into neighbouring countries, however most posts I have read are now a few years old, so I guess that the situation has probably changed since then? Would anyone be able to offer me some advice on proposed route below, it's only a rough guess at the moment as when on the road things tend to change all the time, but a rough idea of what I'm hoping to do.


    HCMC > Dalat > Nha Trang > Hoi An > Dong Hoi > Tam Coc > Halong > Hanoi

    Nam Can to Nong Haet Border Crossing


    Phonsavan > Luang Prabang > Luang Nam Tha > Huay Xai > (By Boat?) Vientiane

    Friendship Bridge Border Crossing into Thailand


    Vientiane > Savannakhet

    Border Crossing Tha Khaek to Nakhon Phanom



    Chang Mai > Sukhothai > Bangkok

    Ban Pakard / Psar Prohm Border Crossing


    Koh Kong > Sihanoukville > Phnom Penh > Siem Reap > Ratanakiri

    Border Crossing Dom Kralor / Voen Kham


    Pakse > Salavan > Attapeu

    Border Crossing Attepeu / Bo Y


    Mekong Delta > HCMC

    A pretty sketchy itinary thus far and I'm sure that some one more experienced will be able to tell me which parts won't work or could be done better, any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Re: Border crossings how much trouble would I have getting a Vietmanese bike registered in my name into these countries? If I insure the bike in Vietnam, do I then need to buy insurance in the other countries or is this just overlooked / never asked for?

    I am planning to get a Vietnam 3 month multiple entry visa which should cover me until the end of my trip and enable me to re enter to sell the bike in HCMC. Can I get a VOA at the border crossings when entering L/T/C or should I visit their embassy in the previous country before to secure a visa (would rather not do this as would mean waiting around for 3 days or so from what I gather). Do I need to take any special paperwork for the bike from Vietnam with me or would the relevant forms be applicable to the country that I'm trying to enter?



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