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  1. Dragstar 400 drive shaft. Clicking sound that sounds like it come from the rear wheel. At first I thought it was time for new wheel bearings. But then I noticed if you put it in nuteral and let coast no noise. Pull the cluth in no noise. So I don't think wheel bearings anybody got any ideas?
  2. Ray it would be worth having your driveshaft checked out.
    It has a universal joint on it with needle rollers. If they dry out they can start to break up and cause a clicking sound. A relatively simple repair job - so long as you get it before it flys apart.

  3. Peter thanks I think yuo just nailed it. I'll get the reat bearings done to well it broke doen.

  5. Ordered new U joints, so I think you called correctly.

  6. End fix was change the needle bearings and rear wheel bearing first Mechanic was wrong. But she purrs like a kitten now.

    The first mechinic was a real disappointment and worse of all one Ihad recommended never fails they atart tog te some farraang v busienss adn it goes the threr heAD. waited eight day siad he couldnl find rhe parts. Should juast said I donlr want to do it.

    Second mechanic had the parts in 20 Mins.. on the road again three hours.

    Thanks yuo guys were a great help as always.

    Got an intersting suggestion from the second machanic. I really like the 400 just underpowered for passing. He say he can convert to a 750 all new parts for 40K.

    I have worked with this guy for two years now a he always delivered on what he said he would do. What do yuo guys think, means new piston and a new head.

    He a said about week to do it so I assume the engine will be sent to Bangkok for a boar job.

    Sine I have spent two years getting the bike the way I wanted it, it legal, sure is temoting to give it a try.
  7. Around here they say: you can't put new stripes on an old tiger...
  8. Ya I'm through hulucinating wife said no way get the Kawi 900. What a Gal :wink:

    It would have been a fun experiment, one that would not think twice about in the states. But, here who knows. At the moment it has to be dependable not just powerful.

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