offf-road to doi pui and mountain bike trails

Jun 21, 2006
a healthy tuesday morning and some of the enlgish contingent of the gt-riders collected themselves at the x-centre with the aim off heading to doi pui following in the wake of the tigers that had bounded up there some weeks ago. this was my first taste of riding on this great mountain and it did not dissapoint, me marcus and our great expedition leader pikey from sankampaeng fired up the mountain at a average pace, first hand sights of the legend that is the xr4oo that can drive backwards with both wheels facing forwards was a highlight of our day in the hills, unfortunaletly i ahve no picture of this " trick " as i was too busy gawping in amazement..enogh of my ramblings here are a few pictures from our day( which to be fair was mostly spent at the side of the road gossiping).




the next day my restless xr was screaming to be ridden again and with its rider slightly huingover a latish start of 3pm was made, with the lack of time i decided to head for the mountain bike trails that are indicated on davids map behind huay tung tao, they are a treat if not great in distance they are a collection of diiferent sections of sand , dirt and stoney brooks that meander their way over to huay tung tao. after arriving at this great lake i headed up towards chiang kian, but got lost and ended up in a garden with no way out i tried calling to the villagers but no-one was home and requests for directions went unanswered, they are really enjoyable trails with loads of forks that would make for a great day of fun if an earlier start was made therefore not running the risk of a drive into the darkness. anybody in the chiang mai area who fancies hooking up for a ride with more enthusiasm than skill then just drop me a email ands we can go riding i am available to ride everyday....suzukiluke...hondaxr250





Jun 21, 2006
the entrance to this labyrinth of mountain bike trails is behind the 700 year stadium, their is no charge for entry and it is a case of all roads lead to rome, in that which ever way you go they all lead to the lake at hauy tung tao, however i think the smaller trails are to be found by taking left hand forks whenever possible, watch out for overhanging branches..
Oct 12, 2005
Great post Luke!!!

Nice to see you uncovering the single track trails...even after a late night at the "V" club[xx(].

Now Pikey has accomplished many things to amaze the GT riders (ass over tea-kettle down the Irish pub stairs without getting hurt, riding off road in sweltering Thailand in a rain and winter proof armored jacket whilst sweating buckets without out dyeing of dehydration, and now this trick you speak of riding backwards whilst he and the bike face forward),this latest feat just goes to show you what a special bunch of muppets make up the GT-riders. You have to ask you have what it takes to be a member of the GT-Riders?????

The ridge trail up to Doi Pui looks good fun. me thinks you will have to explore that singletrack trail from Doi Sutthep down to CNX the three of you started on to tempt me back over. That or nekkid pictures of your GF[^].

I'm noticing a lack of rear mirrors on the bikes. Having seen Pikey bin it with enthusiasm abd donating one mirror to the Gods I'm amazed that his last one is still remaining. Pikey are you not trying anymore? Luke do I have to even ask about yours??

Those singletrack trails are making me more excited than the web page Pikey came to my internet shop to introduce me to[:p]. Here's hoping Pikey is back in Britian spending too much money on XR 400 shiny bits.

Have fun guys

Hey - hey!

Back in Blighty and FREEZING my knackers off!!! Feels like the fecking Arctic for this Thai-conditioned boy! Brrrrrr!

The riding backwards/going forwards was a bit strange - the XR was in a deep rut and I got the front out but then whenever I gave it gas, the back just gripped within the rut and dug itself sideways, eventually ending up at right angles to the trail (steep uphill). Only way was to dismount, drag it out of the rut and start again!

Santa Claus has been kind to me and dropped a mesh jacket down the chimney, along with some body armour so next post that I am photo'd in, you won't recognise me. However, I will have to think up an alternate diet as sweating my bollox off in UK winter-spec clothing was a great way to offset the beer calories [:)]

My mirror is a new one and Luke, sad to see that you didn't take any advice and went offroading on your own. Up to you mate but a bit fecking stupid if you think of the consequences of stuffing up. [:(]. Apologies for sounding like your dad (although I am old enough!) but we all like you and would hate for anything bad to happen when you are in the wilds on your own....

Happy Xmas to all and back in CNX for New Years Eve [:D]


Jun 21, 2006
hurry back from bloody england and ride with me then!!no but on a seriosu note i know it isnt the greatest idea in the world but i do ease of the gas a bit when im out on my own and i dont go as far away from chiang mai. merry xmas everyone.. suzukiluke