oil level own a diesel pick-up?

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  1. Ask a Harley rider: "What does a Harley Davidson and a hound dog have in common?" and he may come up with the answer: "Easy, the H and the D." - Well done, good answer! That and the fact that they both spend a lot of time in the back of a pick-up...
    Had the oil changed on my diesel pick-up and as before they filled in too much. When I showed them the dipstick, they started the engine, let it run for a minute, then checked again, and it was a bit above the mark. This morning though, cold engine, it was way over the upper mark.
    Question: do you check the oil level on a diesel pick-up when it's cold or at "operating temperature"?
    Sorry about a "car question", but I didn't find a website that would answer my question.
  2. Me and my Harley 1200 sportster '92' has been down to Koh Chiang, Had Yai, PHKT, BKK, Mai Sai & MHS plenty of times and it's never needed to be shipped or put in the back of a pick-up to my amazement. Maybe this has a lot to do with the fact that I know how to chuck a spanner at the old girl without hurting her.
    After many years on vintage brit bikes I moved out here where it was either a BSA M21 or M20 for silly money or Japanses pocket rockets. With limited funds the choice was easy. I spent the next few yrs thrashing my way around Thailand on several different sized pocket rockets. Then one night half cooked on chiang's--- it happened - an old geeza I know says here have a crack on this here farmers Harley. So I off I went - several laps of a slipping and a sliding round the moat. Anything was handling better than my ZX1 that night as it was spitting with rain and the ZX had no boots on (bald tyres) and a sticky throttle- which meant flat out or no going out. I rtn on the Harley 20mins or so later grinning from ear to ear apparently geeza tells me I looked like a right mellon head. The thing handled like a bag of nails and sounded more like my uncles old gray Massi-Fergi (tractor) rather than a bike. But that was it for me I was never to be the same (sane) again! This strange sticky feeling of dee'ju du took over me (it was like riding my old Triumph Boni, T120, Morgo Convertion kit, TT pipes - made to go fast but not to stop or handle -perfect for my style of riding), it was like I was possessed or something. I jumped on the ZX and headed home at well over 150mph, rtning to this old geeza mate and his Harley some 30mins later with a very large wedge of cash - I was having that Harley. After a few mths of spanner throwing the Harley sounded more like a Harley and handled like a dream.
    To answer you question - sell the truck the wife and kids and buy a tatty old Harley - cause it dont half make ya laugh.
  3. Hi Jake,

    Is this the same HD that you posted as below on the 20th of August?


    HARLEY 1200 SPORTSTER for sale, plates + book in order. New tyres & clutch. Sounds and pulls like a frigging freight train!


    NO OFFERS, unless you have a new XLR400 or something like??? Then I might be interested in some sort of exchange/deal ???


    Ph. 071 937 598


    To The Thai & Ital Tarmac Company in Hang Dong - Splash it all over and lay it on think and heavy, chaps!
  4. NO, THAT ONE WAS PINK, one lady owner - my missus, never raced or towed a caravan - never went near a hill niether!

    To The Thai & Ital Tarmac Company in Hang Dong - Splash it all over and lay it on think and heavy, chaps!

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