Ok..Monsterman. My turn. What is this bike.. ???

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  1. What is it?

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  2. Its a customised Sachs 800 with a suzuki engine
  3. Engine, frame and wheels are Suzuki VX 800, the body work is different, nice looking aluminum, though.
    The VX featured the bored-up engine of the Intruder 750, which later became the Marauder 800.
    It was a nice-looking bike but too heavy (240kg wet) and under-powered (60 hp).
    Then again some Harleys would be happy with those figures...

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  4. Well your ALMOST correct.. but no winner prize just yet. OHH KZ gets it.. well done.

    PS. if any body wants to buy a lovely overweight VX i have one for sale....
  5. Good machines very practical and sound reasonable performance too.
  6. The VX 800 was a step in the right direction, but not extreme enough. Suzuki had more success when it came out with the SV650 a few years later. Brand new 90 degree twin, 180 kg wet, 70 hp. Weight and power is of course not everything but it says a lot about a bike. Haven't heard any complains when it comes to the SV650! Price was right, too.
  7. Yes SV 850 and its big brother are excellent machines , brilliant engines , the chassis is budget but can easily be improved.

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