Old Bikes in New Zealand.

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  1. Just back from a Month long visit back to New Zealand and had a Great Time catching up with Mates and checking out their Toys. Glad to be Back in Hot Thailand after the Cold of an NZ Winter!!!
    A Couple of Old Bikes that May interest some of You Guys? I don't know many Details so You Guys with all the Knowledge on these things can Enlighten Us, Hiko?

    This Vincent belongs to Dave Pratt. What I thought interesting is His Uncle Brought it New and it has spent Years sitting in a Shed before Dave recovered it and plans to Restore it! It is also one of the few Single Cylinder Models I have ever seen?



    This is another Mate's AJS. I don't know many details of this Bike and His plan is to leave it as is and just Ride it!



    So feel Free to Fill Us in on the Details of What these Bikes are anyone?
  2. the vincent looks like a vincent comet or a meteor which were similar bikes using a 500 single.First designed in about 1935 and went until about 1955.lovely bikes.cheers Greg
  3. My Dad had both a Comet and Shadow
    I think it is a Comet
  4. The AJS looks like (about) 1957 500cc. I don't think it is a 600/650 as I am reasonably sure they all had cast-alloy primary chain cases. This example has the earlier pressed-steel variety. I don't think the Siamese exhaust system is original. The AMC version at about that time had a longer LH header that extended straight down before crossing over. Hope this helps.

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