Oldest Honda in Britain ?

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  1. HI

    Could well be. The Motorbike is a 1953 Benly, The JB125 I do not recognize and I am quite sure it does not have 5 gears. As original it looked like this index_sum.
  2. Oh Yeah and now I remember that it was advertised with the slogan "Put the Customer First"

  3. Hiko you continue to astound - a veritable bikopedia.

    "I remember that it was advertised with the slogan "Put the Customer First"

    Well obviously not a model destined for Thailand then!

    Hiko, can you identify this old Soviet model with a Honda engine?

    Seen last week in Vientiane - evidently Jimoi has started a Che trend!
  4. Off course I know. It is a Verkhovina motorcycle probably made in the town of Verkhovina of Ukraina but the factory belonging to the huge industrial conglomerate of IZH. Beside being the manufacturer of Kalashnanikov guns and cars IZH was probably just before the end of USSR the worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturer with 11 million motorcycles manufactured since 1927. The most famous brand names were IC Planeta, M12, Jupiter etc. The verkhovina was just a marginal brand and only for small bikes. The first IZH was a V-twin 1200 Moto Guzzi style in 1927.

    IZH was heavily involved in Racing and Off Road winning many goldmedals in the six days competetion.

    The last thing I have heard about the factorories is that they have bought the manufacturing rights for the Yamaha Xt550 engine and are producing models with that engine. Anyhow I have never heard that Honda have supplied engines to them. Maybe it is a local Laos project or a joint venture by a Chinese Hondy copier and the Russian factory.

    I supply some pictures.



    Winter test for IZH motorcycles


    The old models


    Newer and smaller models


    Road Racing 1960 style


    Easy Rider Ussr Style

    MX made in Russia M150


    Trying to westernize
  5. Hiko
    The VTne Wonder - with styling cues from Jimoi - is I'm sure a local fix using an available engine.

    It would seem that Honda has noticed the success Triumph has had with the Bonneville and its offspring, and I would guess that Ducati's SportClassic line has played a part as well. Apparently Honda has a new CB750 in the works that's based closely on the original 1969 CB750.

    Article here:

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