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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by dirthonk, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. just messing around with my helmet camera!!

  2. I'd say your going to get a lot KM's out of that front tire dirthonk! Because you cant wear a tire out, if its never on the road. :)

    I just gotta get one of those cameras. :idea:

  3. Nicely done, what bike are you on. Tried to do this with my XR, but couldn't keep the wheel up long enough. Cool
  4. rexy, i had been ooohing and aaahing about buying one for 6 months now or so. finally took the plunge and am now kicking myself for not buying one earlier. it is an excellent camera and awesome fun, adds a whole other perpsective when riding along!

    saxonator, its a suzuki DRZ400SM.

    p.s if thats a xr250, it is exceptionally hard to do! ive only ever seen 3 people wheelie and xr for any length of time and they are " trail boss" mark rossi, the "clueless" snail, and a little thai rugrat called auy.

  5. Hey by the way, if you don't mind could you tell me a little about the DRZ 400 SM?
    I've been on an XR for so long and I would like a similar bike. Low maintenance, cheap parts, not to heavy for offroad, but strong enough for trips to Laos, Malaysia etc.
    Do you think the Suzuki would be a good choice?

  6. saxonator, for most of the offroad riding you do, im not sure. i predominantly ride mine on the road. Having said that, on the odd occasion when i do do a dirt link up the bike handles it fine, its a nice mellow power for the dirt and it doesnt feel that heavy, having said that i havent dropped it yet! wont be long though!

    maintenance so i am told, is pretty easy, i change the oil every 1500kms but that is probably overkill, ive heard 6000kms is a more realisitic figure.
    i think parts are actually quite expensive and would probably have to be sourced from singapore if its a major part.

    i know pee on the board rides his more offroad than i do, maybe a little pm to him may get more comprehensive answers...

  7. Thanks for the infos, much apreciated.
    Cheers saxonator

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