One of Chiang Rai's Hidden Delights


Apr 24, 2003
well what can i say but down a litle soi just off the mane drag you will find one very strange place! the red rose hotel, i can only paint a small picture of this hidden litle tresure of stupidity and fun!. luke took the lead as you enter the parking area! pay your money at a toll booth style kiosk and pick your room!, the prices start at 900b riseing to 3500 b, but haveing a thai speaker along nocked it down to 675b for me and 475b for luke as he has membership and after my first trip i now have membership 2. ok down to the rooms, the love boat room 308, was decked out with a boat in the middle,control panel to pop on lights/tv etc and of course a couple of condoms, next to a couple of sun loungers and parasol, sky blue cealing and more, thankfully no water around the boat as i am sure there would have been a bit of harry monk or the odd floater in the water.
well this was a fun room but totally over shadowed by lukes thai boxing room kitted out with its own ring! just jump over the ropes to hit the canvas/matress!, boxing gloves, punch bags/speedball etc and your own bell! totally awsome,just take someone along and you can safely work up a sweat for sure. ok my words cant do this place justice!have a look at !, arive at night and it looks like you are entering disney world .rodie perhaps you could post some pics of luke loungeing in the ring!!!. ok guys grab your parters and go enjoy! oh and i hear the star wars room is a winner! just bring your own light saber. m
ps sorry about my grammer/spelling, dyslexic muppet


Mar 5, 2006
I could not believe the Lads' Love Shack, when I dropped by.


The Gorilla is the hotel's surreal signature sign.
Perhaps synonymous of its patrons?


Marcus' Love Boat
tastefully decked out in GT Rider colours!

Luke's Muay Thai boxing bed

note the karaoke machine by the bed just in case you feel like midnight warbling!


Each room has its own private parking.
NOTE Luke is wearing some protection!


Impressive art work!


its the little decorative touches that impress.


Marcus gives the Red Rose a big THUMBS UP!

Definitely worth a detour next time you are visiting Chiang Rai.
Note, it is very centrally located and services continue until 2am.


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
What's this "services continue until 2am?" I heard you guys were out until 5.30am after the Super Cross - beat the Transmoto Sports owner & me by an hour or two.

How was the ride up & back Marcus - anything exciting happen, or was it just a doodle with SuzukiLuke?

Luke I wonder if the Dr (Valentinio) would approve of the underwear?


Apr 24, 2003
well how could i resist one more night at the fun palace and takeing room number 2 was back door alien!.I went for the boxing room this time and jules had the star wars number!, again these places just make you giggle as soon as you enter!, sorry to say i bounced in the room alone but the alien had companey :shock: ,perhaps he can shed some light on his cp30 that entered his star ship. with the membership card safe in my pocket !i will be back, maybe the looney toons room. m