one week loop? any recommendations?

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  1. hello everybody!
    I'm new to the GT-Rider Board. A german living in Hong Kong, trying to escape the city for a while. I'm planning to make a one week trip beginning 7th Nov from Chiang Mai and would appreciate some advice and tips where to go and what to see.
    I'll be travelling with my girlfriend in the back so it should be a mix of fun rides for me, and lots of stuff to see for her (hilltribes, scenery, temples). I heard heading out west from Chiang Mai, then along the burmese border and closing the loop through Chiang Rai and the triangle is supposed to be pretty nice? Is that possible in 6/7 days?
    Oh one more thing, is there any big bikes available? I used a Honda 650 XR in the Philippines before and it was great for 2 people. Or do we have to squeeze on the good old baja?;-)
    I'm thankful for every piece of info,
    Cheers, Philipp
    (Check out for some pictures)
  2. Is this your first time in Chiang Mai? If so have you thought about spending the week there and going on some of the one or two day loops rather than trying to do a 1 week trip?
  3. I'd really much rather like to be in a different place every night. I can save a lot of riding that way. I read a lot in this Forum and think I have a rough idea how the trip is going to look like. Is there any decent maps/guidebooks available in Chiang Mai? (The GT Rider one?)
  4. Philipp
    Many guys come with a masterplan to conquer North Thailand in a few days, but it seldom works because there is so much to see & do in such a relatively small area that they either never complete the plan or rush through it all just to complete the plan; and then they plan on coming back to return to the same places, take their time & do it properly, so that they know they will be satisfied. (How's that for a mouthful 1st sentence?)
    So IMHO your best bet is to come & take your time. Start with the Mae Hong Son loop, then start on the Golden Triangle / Laos border run & loops.
    You never know how fast or slow you are going to ride, or how awe struck you will be by the scenery, or how long you will stop for photos, or will you just ride. You can only decide on this after you've been on the road for a few days = suck it & see.
    But wherever you are in North Thailand, Chiang Mai is only a day's ride away.

    Get yourself the GT Rider map for MHS, plus the Golden Triangle guide book & off you go.
    The MHS Loop should be at least 3 nights 4 days & then start with theGT / Laos border.
    Follow the GT guide book & you will have all the options explained for each town & road as you go. You can decide yourself where to ride on the day, & when you've had enough or run out of time, simply head back to Chiang Mai.

    Oh yeah, for bikes go here
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  5. Philipp
    How was the trip mate?

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