oooh snakes.

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  1. I was out trail riding last Monday when I spotted a snake about to cross my path.I stopped to let it go across and it decided half way to go back the way it had come. It then puffed out it's head and I realised it was a cobra.I felt a bit exposed balancing on my toes with no reverse gear and a cobra a metre from the front wheel.Anyway it just slithered off. It put the wind up me a bit so I rode home.I crossed the main road and started to ride up the hard shoulder when I just missed running over the tail of another big snake. I wasn't sure if I missed it and was riding along checking to see if it was attached to me or the bike. I went home and thought about selling the bike and buying a 4WD.
  2. yep, snakes are always an interesting part of riding over here.

    Not sure if you saw this beaut. 5 /12 foot long poisonous banded krate snake on a recent ride with Luke.
  3. Not that I'm an expert on snakes but I believe if that was a banded krate it would be a bit out of place if that pic was taken in the north of Thailand as krates are sea snakes. I think it's more likely to be a banded krait.

    Nasty looking bugger whatever it is. No suprises what the fella in the wellies had for supper that night - tom yung ngoo [:p]
  4. thats what he meant- krate/krait. its ok ill get justin to check his dictionary next time before mis-informing other riders!
  5. Last year ,john Wilson was killed avoiding a snake near Pattaya , he swerved to avoid the snake but hit a Pickup truck coming the other way, if the snake is small run it over if u cannot swerve if it is big =Python or King cobra, then stop or swerve as it will be like hitting a tree.
    i nearly hit a large king cobra years ago near phuket , but stopped in time if i had hit it i would have been flipped off and probably bitten as was as wide as the road ,over 4metres and thicker than my arm.
  6. You could always try doing a bunny hop/donkey kick over it like Eddy LeJeune et al used to do over a plank of wood turned on its side in the BBC trials bike competition Kickstart that the fella from Blue Peter used to present - Peter Pervert was his name I think.
  7. Penetrator,

    Good insight. The most amazing thing however is the snake is actually a sea krate. Over the last decade there have been reports of the adaptablity of the Krate and its ability to endure what we thought of as foriegn environments. The Department of zooology (herpetology) at the University of Minnesota even has a few thesis written on their survivablity in arid climates most notably Central and parts of northern Thailand.

    The global environment obviosuly has changed dramatically since humans have made their presence felt and its interesting to note the animal species, most notably the reptiles ability to adapt. Another noteworthy example is the Costa Rican purple tongued Caiman whichg has adapted from fresh water environments to the chlorinated swimming pools of the wealthy Costa Ricans which was previously thought impossible. Amazing stuff I'm sure you'll agree.
  8. Amazing Details there Justin, Are you Naturally that Knowledgable about Snakes or did you read up just to Impress us!!! You could take over from Jeff Corwin!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  9. But never Steve Irwin... CRIKEY, a sea snake up here in the mountains... I'm gunna go over there and grab it right on it's tail... isn't she GORGEOUS... but don't let the pretty face fool you, she's DEADLY...

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