Oops! wet honda baja speedo/trip computer

Discussion in 'Technical' started by moby, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. moby

    moby New Member

    Ive hired a honda baja 250 for a bit of off roading in Laos...

    I dropped it in a river crossing 2 days ago..
    everything is ok except the trip computer/speedo

    the backlight on the display lights up but theres nothing showing.

    Are there fuses for this? are they inline? (along the wire)
    or is there a fuse box somwhere?

    Any other ideas on how to get it going?

    do you know what these cost? [:0]

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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Nice one Craig. Take it to a bike shop, open up it, dry it out & see how it goes.

    I see you've pinched a nice pic of me & my old Baja with the Lao cops for use on your blog site, plus got a 5-day blog going already, so I hope you're going to make a nice contribution to the GT Rider board before too long....

    Dont like your chances of Pakxan - Phonsavan in the wet = foolish alone & with deep streams.

    If things dont go well you might have to pay for a replacement trip meter.
    Who'd you rent the bike from Fuarks or PVO. If the bike is from PVO a replacement trip meter might cost a lot more than if it is from Fuarks.

    Good luck. Your GT Rider board report should be a good un'. Matt Ward set you a real high benchmark.
  4. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Yeah Craig - great blog.
    Do post what you are blogging here.
    I too was considering the Paxxan-Phonsovan route in a couple of week's
    so I would be very interested in hearing how you get on.
    Oh, and do take some pix - u don't need to use pix of those under the care of the Laos Fuzz!
    Have a good trip AND keep us posted.
  5. moby

    moby New Member

    Hi Rhodie..

    The paxsan - phonsavan route was awesome.. by far the best ride out of everything I did..

    Trip report: Paxsan to Phonsavan http://moby.nzpunter.com/20070802-into-the-laos-paxsan-to-phonsavan/
    Pictures http://moby.nzpunter.com/gallery/v/1000DayHoliday/Laos2007/LaosByDirtbike/PaxsanToPhonsavan/

    trip report: Southern Loop http://moby.nzpunter.com/20070730-into-the-lao-by-dirtbike/
    Pictures http://moby.nzpunter.com/gallery/v/1000DayHoliday/Laos2007/LaosByDirtbike/SouthernLoop/

    Trip report: Phonsavan - nam neun - vieng kahm - luang prabang (via pak xeng) http://moby.nzpunter.com/20070804-into-the-laos-phonsavan-vieng-kham-luang-prabang/
    Pictures http://moby.nzpunter.com/gallery/v/1000DayHoliday/Laos2007/LaosByDirtbike/NorthernLoop/
    The road from nam neun to vieng thong is all new seal. lots of gravel tho. nam neun is a hole! stay in vieng thong.

    If youve got any questions about my route.. post away..

  6. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    well done on battling through.
    Those chickens are truly determined!
    Great reports & pix - I know others would value them if you could post them directly on GTR.
    Give me a shout if you are passing through BKK & need a bed.
    PS where exactly did you end up overnighting on way to Phonsovan?

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